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‘Vogue Challenge’ Goes Viral Giving Everyone The Chance To Feel Like A Star

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

Over the past few days, social media got bombarded with a range of different faces and looks on Vogue‘s front cover. Just incase you went wondering what? how? when? who? why? Well, it’s just a challenge ‘the Vogue challenge,’ which gave ordinary people the chance to feel like cover stars. Many covers were shared on commonly used platforms, they looked creative and some even appeared realistic, meeting the standards of an actual Vogue front cover page. 

We’ve definitely witnessed many trends over the past couple of months, whether it’s the incredible TikTok videos, the ping pong challenge, the toilet paper challenge or any other form of engagement that people have come up with to kill time during quarantine. But the latest one has got to do with Vogue, the popular international fashion and lifestyle magazine. It has been praised for it’s selection of cover stars and awesome photography several times, and now taking it’s success to a whole new level by enabling readers to make themselves the face of VOGUE.   

The challenge is easier than it looks, those who’ve had a go at it explain how it goes from looking very neutral in their comfort zone to  ending up looking super photogenic and surrounded with unusual backgrounds. Of course, Vogue benefits from all the traffic and the #voguecoverchallenge that spreads on social media, increasing it’s popularity. However, it also gives people the chance to somehow fulfil their imagination and see themselves in stardom, as well as play around with their photo editing skills. 

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