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The Secret Behind Yasmine Sabri’s Cartier Bangles Exposed

Rana Ragab - May 2020

Almost every time the stunning actress, Yasmine Sabri makes an appearance, we see her wearing the golden Cartier bangles and it leaves us wondering whether she can ever go without them. We all have something that we like to keep close to us where ever we go but there are times where we also like to change and mix and match. However, Yasmine seems to have some sort of attachment to her Cartier set, she even wears them while working out!


Well if you’ve been wondering why, here’s a quick explanation besides that she admires her golden jewellery. The young lady became the first Middle Eastern woman to take part in a Cartier campaign, given that she is one of the most recognisable faces and beauty icons of our time. Moreover, she was titled as an ambassador of Panthère de Cartier classic collection. Knowing that, we can assume she wears her Cartier pride and aims to promote and represent the luxurious French brand. 


Thus, Yasmine is a committed representative but that doesn’t neglect the fact that she probably can’t get over being the face of Cartier. The admired actress actively works for the rights and empowerment of Arab women alongside her acting career. Recently, we have seen her wearing some of the most expensive fashion items, of course increasingly after becoming the wife of Ahmed Abo Hashima. 

Yasmine is a stylish lady who has caught people’s eyes and most importantly, the heart of one of the richest business men who continues to spoil her and flatters her beauty. So it’s not surprising that she made it all the way to Cartier, after all, the rising star seems to reach for the stars and has really high ambitions. Let’s admit those golden bangles go very well with her tanned skin and at the end of the day who doesn’t wish they had those super expensive pieces?


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