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The Trendiest Sunglasses Summer 2020; A Very Stylish Range

Rana Ragab - May 2020

We can already predict that this Summer is going to be a very bright and warm one, this means we require the right shades to tolerate the sunlight and protect our eyes. While we’re in lockdown, many of us are spending much time sun baking in their garden and walking their pets in the early morning sunshine. Thus, even if this summer is spent mostly inside and seems less adventurous, it’s still a good idea to stay up to date with the latest trends and consider buying a nice pair of shades. 


Here are the most fashionable sunglasses for 2020 which come in a range of different brands, styles and colours. All you need to do is select your preferred option and you can simply purchase it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. 


1. The classic 80s aviators 

A major throwback to the 80s timeless look, this is one of the most chic looking accessories but needs to be on the right face otherwise it can look very odd. This classic summer essential will match every hairdo and outfit perfectly fine. 

2. Metallic guards 90s style

These fancy looking visors were common back then, they may seem unusual because they’re not see on many faces very often but add a super chic touch to any sportswear. 

3. Cool mirror lenses

If you enjoy being centre of attention then this is the right pair for you, if not then you might as well avoid it because you’ll stand out without trying. Mirror lenses have been popular for a couple of years now but are being developed into more stylish looks. 


4. Tinted blue shades

A shift from pink roses to blue hues this season. This summer introduces more cool toned glasses that go well with almost any look. It’s best to choose a simple frame and let those cool vibes be the main focus. 


5. Grandma’s glasses

A vintage choice that’s really in fashion right now, we’ve already seen it on models and we’ll see more of it this summer. It takes a sophisticated and decent character to pull off the granny glasses look without actually looking like an old granny at a young age. 

6. Urban square frame 

Round shaped frames are being overridden by square ones this summer, nothing beats a good look of self-confidence. They come in a few colours but most commonly seen in classic black, bulky frames. 

7. Transparent coloured lenses

This summer encourages you to expose those beautiful eyes in transparent lenses. The wide range of colours available makes it difficult to choose from but it’s best to find a vibrant summer colour that goes well with your eyes for a totally sassy look.

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