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Designer Brands Produce Items To Help Combat Coronavirus

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

While some of the largest  brands have had their operations halted, they are still contributing to combat coronavirus. Luxurious brands like Givenchy, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Prada are now creating hand sanitisers, masks, medical gowns and antibacterial wipes that are aimed towards resolving shortage. It might sound odd because these brands are known to be the most expensive, selling the most fancy and classy items. They have taken the worldwide situation as an opportunity to provide free medical supplies to help the wider society overcome the pandemic. 


Given the increase in covid-19 cases, particularly in Europe, there has been a higher demand for medical resources as health carers and patients require them for more successful treatment. As for the hygienic supplies, they are also important for the prevention of covid-19 and countries are running out significantly. Therefore, their contribution matters, with many of them giving these items freely as a form of donation to those in need.



The popular design house is working on some antibacterial hand sanitisers to provide to French authorities, they will be free of charge in attempt to fight coronavirus. 



Dior France is taking the time to produce a number of protective masks as they reopened their Baby Dior factory to undertake this movement. Dior’s perfumery is also working on manufacturing some antibacterial hand gel to help with the shortage. 


Louis Vuitton 

LVMH is one of the first brands that took action, their perfumery and cosmetics production line has created many hand sanitisers to be distributed in France. Moreover, they’ve announced that they will be organising 10 million masks for the French community. 



The chanel team has donated over 50,000 masks to nurses and doctors and will begin producing hospital gowns and more protective masks as they are essential medical supplies in high demand. They’ve also demonstrated awareness by creating their own designer masks in light of coronavirus, a fashion accessory that is mainly worn for the purpose of protection. 



It has been revealed that Prada is manufacturing over 80,000 medical supplies including a large number of masks for Italy. They’ve acknowledged the struggle that the country is facing and are finding ways to help health care providers and save people from the virus pandemic.


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