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Which Bag Would You Choose To Carry?

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

A bag is a necessary accessory, something seems missing if you don’t carry a bag around because inside this bag is everything you might need during your time out. Whether it’s your perfume, sanitizer, purse, notebook, lipstick or whatever it may be. Some girls like to stick to one convenient bag or one preferable style, while others like to mix and match with every outfit.


To one person, it could be enough to carry a purse or have a shopping bag around, whereas, to another person it could mean looking trendy or having an entire collection. It all goes back to the level of craze that each woman has for bags! There is a mind blowing variety of bags out there, ranging from different designer brands, shapes, sizes, materials, patterns and colours to choose from. Below is a basic guide to finding the right bag for you…



Tote bag

Usually a large bag with no pockets or zips, a very convenient choice with easy carrying, parallel handles. It is the best option to carry around on busy days, while on a picnic or when shopping. Totes are highly durable and comfortable, they can be found in leather, fabric, cotton and linen.


Shoulder bag

Similar to a handbag, except it usually has one long strap that crosses over your body rather than two handles, it is a weightless and easy option to go for. Very suitable for activities that require lots of movement and comes in a variety of looks, it adds a pretty looking accessory to your casual outfit.


Waist bag

Also known as bum bags, belt bags and fanny packs. They are just right for a chic look, very secure and easy to reach as they hang around the waist. They have become increasingly popular among many brands and have been worn by models for the latest Spring 2020 runway.



If you are a busy worker or traveler, this is the perfect bag for you. Backpacks have become one of the trendiest accessories, with a wide range of different sizes and colours and most commonly found in leather. They are easy to carry as they keep a balanced weight on your shoulders and often have many pockets and zips that gives enough space to include everything you need to carry along.


Shopping bag

If you are a shopping freak, this bag will become your best friend! Much like a tote bag, it usually comes in fabric and is very reusable. A shopping bag helps keep all purchased items in one place and ensures that you look stylish by complimenting your groceries as you shop around.


Beach bag

Commonly a large bag used to carry necessary items while on a vacation by the beach, these items may include a towel, swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen a water bottle etc. It is traditionally made from straw but it can also be purchased in nylon or polyester for more water and sand resistance.


A small in size bag that doesn’t have any handles or straps, sometimes it can have detachable ones. Clutches are often used for formal or classic wear as a fancy accessory, they come in many different looks, some are bold, and others are shiny, shimmery or sparkly.



A wristlet is more like a wallet than a bag, it is often small with a strap that goes around the wrist. They are appropriate for carrying around some money, personal ID or credit card and a lip balm. A practical woman would usually go for a wristlet because it’s easier to access money and fast to grab when in a hurry.

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