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Pro Tips on How to Buy and Style Your Leather Skirt This Winter!

Mariam Youssef - Dec 2021

Leather skirts have become one of the most prominent trends lately. The best thing about leather skirts is that you can style them differently every time you put them on. If you have second thoughts about buying a leather skirt or don’t know how to style yours, we’ll show you some awesome ways to help you unleash your inner fashionista.

Pay Attention to the Cut

First things first, you should pay attention to choosing a skirt with a cut that suits your body shape. Those with pear, apple, inverted triangle, and hourglass figures can wear an A-Line skirt. However, if your body shape is rectangular or hourglass, you can choose a pencil skirt or one with a straight cut that accentuates your figure in an attractive way. You need to be careful with leather skirts as they tend to make the body look bigger.

Wear It on a Formal Occasion

A leather skirt is a great option to create formal looks at work or important events. When it comes to creating a formal look, it is preferable to choose a straight cut or midi skirt. Moreover, if you want your skirt to be suitable for hijab, pair it with knee-length boots to create a modest, elegant look.

Comfy, Casual Looks

Besides wearing your leather skirt formally, you can also style it differently to create casual attire. Fringed leather skirts tend to give a casual, funky vibe, so it goes perfectly with a sweatshirt or any top of your choice. Colorful leather skirts can also be perfect to create a breathtaking casual outfit. You can also wear sneakers with your leather skirt for a comfy and simple look.

Classic Look

You can master a classic, elegant look with a leather skirt by choosing the style that suits your own taste and body shape. Usually, a straight cut and A-line are the most preferred cuts to create a classic afternoon look. Try coordinating a leather skirt with a simple classic shirt or sweater to guarantee a great look. Don’t forget to pair classic high-ankle boots with a leather skirt to ensure a classic, elegant look.

Mini Skirts

Many girls wait impatiently for winter to rock this style. Pairing a mini leather skirt with knee-length boots and stockings is the cutest trend for most girls. Luckily, there are special winter stockings that can make you feel warm on the coldest days in winter.


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