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Style Your Leather Jacket Differently with These Awesome Tips!

Mariam Youssef - Dec 2021

The leather jacket is a staple piece in every girl's wardrobe. If you think that it is tricky to style it, there are many pieces that can be worn with a leather jacket to convey a modern or classic look that suits your taste. That said, we’ll show you how to style your leather jacket differently every time you wear it.

Style It with Jeans

If you are looking for an easy way to wear and style a leather jacket, you can try pairing it with your favorite jeans. Tight skinny, boyfriend, wide, or even multi-colored jeans will be suitable for a leather jacket. No matter what the jacket’s design is, whether it is classic, modern, colored, or black, it will go perfectly with jeans and create an awesome casual look.

Pair It with All of Your Clothes

The leather blazer or jacket has become one of the most popular new trends in the 2021 winter fashion. Do not hesitate to style it with your clothes at all times. It can be paired with classic black pants for a work-appropriate look. Try pairing it with a skirt, dress, or jeans for a funky look like fashion bloggers. You can also try a leather blazer with the culottes pants with its distinctive design. Additionally, if you want to feel cozier and more comfortable, wear it on your sweatshirt.

It Goes with Skirts Too

Many girls hesitate to wear a skirt with a leather jacket, thinking that it will not give them the casual look they want. However, the leather jacket can be styled with skirts in an attractive, modern fashion. Whether your skirt is straight, wrap, pleated, or maxi, it will go perfectly with the right leather jacket, be it long or short.

Styling Biker Jackets

Most of us have a biker jacket in our closet since it is a trendy design that doesn’t go out of style, so you can get creative every time you put it on. You can try pairing it with jeans or any printed pants with a modern or classic design. You can also go for a monochromatic black look if you want your look to be edgy and attractive.

Wear It on Dresses

If you love wearing winter dresses, you can always pair them with your leather jacket, no matter what its design is. Style your leather jacket with a satin or woolen dress for a casual look. However, if you want to achieve an elegant look, try coordinating the leather blazer with simple chiffon dresses.

Top-to-Bottom Leather Outfits

If you follow many fashion bloggers, you’ve probably seen this style plenty of times. Wearing a leather jacket with leather pants, skirts, or dresses gives a more elegant look in an unconventional way. You’re free to add some leather accessories, such as a bag or shoes to complete the look. But if you want to break the monotony of the look, you can add a non-leather piece to your outfit, be it a shirt or blouse.

Fur Leather Jackets

The leather jacket with fur details is one of the most prominent trends in the winter of 2021, which we recommend you to try. Some girls style it with casual sportswear in an unconventional way, while other fashion bloggers prefer to style it with pants or dresses for an elegant look that is suitable for different times and occasions.

Style It with Hijab

Some girls think that it is difficult to achieve an elegant and modest look with a leather jacket that matches the hijab. However, you can wear a long leather jacket with skirts or skinny jeans. If the leather jacket is short, we recommend you to wear wide pants for a modern, attractive look that is suitable for your hijab.


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