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Great Tips on How to Style Jewelry with Your Outfits!

Mariam Youssef - Nov 2021

When styled with the right clothing, jewelry can jazz up your overall outfit. You probably own a couple of go-to earrings or a necklace you constantly wear. Although there isn’t an accessories rulebook, there is a lot to learn when it comes to styling them. Keep reading to know great tips on how to style your jewelry to take your outfits to the next level.

  • Styling Tips


Styling necklaces wrong can affect your entire look. It is recommended to wear necklaces on plain and high neckline tops to add more definition. In addition, layered and statement necklaces transform outfits from plain simple to elegant chic. If you want to add extra pep to your basic v-cut top, add a chocker or a silver or gold chain.


When it comes to styling rings, you can literally pair them with all of your outfits. To give your arm and fingers extra sparkle, add different-textured, stylish rings to your long-sleeve shirt. The one time you shouldn’t be wearing rings is when you’re wearing gloves; there is no point in putting them on while your hand is covered.


Studs and small rings are the way to go if you're looking for an everyday pair of earrings. Big or statement earrings are great for dates or evening outings, especially when you're dressed up. For an extra special effect, choose earrings that contrast with your hair color so that they can show and pop.


When styled cleverly, bracelets and watches can make your outfit stand out. Layered chains and minimal bangles can show off your arm and make your outfit more stylish and unique. However, you need to stay away from bracelets when you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt unless you're planning to roll up your sleeves.

  • Layering Tips

If you're going to create an arm party, how do you go about it? Try including bracelets of different textures and colors for a fun look. In addition, experiment with necklaces of different lengths to help you draw eyes to your face. Layer your necklaces using variable shapes, styles, and lengths for an extra fun look. You can also stack, mix, and match rings choosing all sorts of combinations you like as long as they match your outfit.

  • Fashion Tips

Try to not follow all trends blindly, disregarding your personal taste and style. When you’re pairing jewelry with your attire, always pay regard to what flatters your skin tone and overall style. Allow your personality to show via your choice of jewelry and the way you present yourself.

  • Jewelry Tips

For your outfit to look well-thought-out, it is best to stick to a single focal piece. If you mix a lot of bold pieces, your outfit can look tasteless and flashy. For every single outfit, choose one or a maximum of two pieces of jewelry as a statement piece.


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