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Is It Time for a Hair Makeover? Have a Look at the Latest Fall 2021 Hair Colors!

Mariam Youssef - Nov 2021

There is no limit to what you can do to your hair. From split dye to crazy ends, you can choose whatever you want. Fall 2021 is all about sophistication and a more polished look. After coming back from your summer vacation, your hair is probably tired and you may think that this is the perfect time for a new fresh impression to cope with the change that comes with the new season. That said, here are the trendiest Fall 2021 hair colors.

Apple Cider Highlights

If you’re craving a gorgeous October color, look no further than apple cider shade. This look will be dazzling on your long hair, giving you a beautiful and versatile appearance. Adding waves to this exquisite look makes it crisper and more modern, accentuating the color and making it more stylish.

Burgundy Melt

A perfect way to stay away from boring hairstyles is by mixing a burgundy shade with your dark brown hair. This reddish tone has a special effect that catches people’s eyes and makes you stand out among the crowd. This burgundy shade suits fair to medium skin tones best.

Copper Panels

For brunettes who are not looking for an extreme makeover, this copper panels style is all what you need. It can get perfectly mixed with your natural brown hair for an extra edgy, chic look. Plus, copper red tones have flattering autumn vibes that can match your outfits.

Chestnut Chocolaty Balayage

Adding radiance to your dark hair is all what this style is all about. The chestnut and chocolate balayage make your hair natural and soft. To show off this bomb style, make sure to give your hair some waves to enjoy more volume and elegance.

Auburn Orange Tones

Auburn hair speaks volumes as an official fall color! Deep orange and auburn tones mix so easily and make the perfect shade, especially if you’ve always wanted to be a redhead. The outcome is out-of-this-world beautiful and it suits those with a cool or light complexion. This style looks even cooler on short, textured hair.

Honey Blonde

Whether you’re a brunette looking for an extreme makeover or you simply have fair hair, this style is for you. This specific shade is the definition of the natural blonde shade. In addition to being effortlessly gorgeous, this style suits warm and cool-toned skin simultaneously.

Peachy Rose Blonde

If you feel like going for an extreme makeover that looks spectacular and unconventional, you should go for this one. It’s not exactly pink or ordinary blonde; it’s a mixture of warm pastel tones and a platinum base that gives this style an edgy vibe.


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