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Embrace Your Inner Fashionista with These Amazing Fall Hijab Trends

Mariam Youssef - Nov 2021

Although we’re still in the summertime, it is important to know what’s trending now for when you go fall shopping. Autumn is less than a month away, so it is time to jazz up your wardrobe with the latest fall fashion trends for hijabed girls. Read on for some awesome fashion inspirations for the coming season.

The 90s Are Back

We have witnessed 90s fashion’s revival for several years now, but this season is different. We’re expecting more of a full-90s look instead of using a single piece. It is time to wipe the dust off your old baguette bag and pair it with a long sheath dress, boots, and maxi cardigan. You can also wear your all-time favorite, long-sleeve white T-shirt under a silk dress with chunky boots. Layer a plaid shacket on top of a polo shirt and style it with skater jeans. If in doubt, pick any outfit from "Friends" and it will do the trick.

Vibrant Shades

As soon as summer ends, people automatically tuck away all their colorful clothes and replace them with dark browns, burgundy, and khaki green. Things are quite different this year. Vibrant shades still dominate the trend but with a fall twist. This fall’s color palettes include deep magenta, orange, and mustard yellow. The best way to figure out this trend is to mix and match. Wear unexpected color combinations that look vibrant and appropriate for the season at the same time. Mixing a peachy orange top with a purple skirt or a mustard yellow top with deep green pants is ultimately fashionable. Try to keep your hijab color neutral to avoid a crowded look.

Loose-Fit Jeans

Skinny jeans will always be dear to us, but fall 2021 is all about comfort rather than showing off the curves. Now women of all ages can wear boyfriend and mom-fit jeans and rock this style. When you wear these jeans, you want to avoid a baggy look. Tuck a slim T-shirt or an elegant blouse in your jeans. Add a tailored blazer and heels to your outfit to elevate the look to casual chic.

Sweater Vests

Your dad’s old vests are back in style now. Even though this trend started in 2020, it still continues this year. This season’s most popular sweater vests are those that have texture and details, rather than being simple and plain. It may be too early to wear vests now, but as the weather cools down, try to wear one over a lightweight shirt. You can layer a sweater vest over a shirtdress for a more modest look. You can continue wearing sweater vests in the wintertime by adding heavier layers of clothing.

Printed Trousers

Unleash your inner fashionista by wearing printed pants this fall. Zebra stripes, snake prints, checkerboard, and bulky florals are super trendy. They’re not as floaty as summer pants; they’re more of a tailored fit. Printed pants come in thicker fabric this season, such as denim, wool, and corduroy. Dare to style these pants with printed tops for an extra fashionable appearance or keep it simple by pairing them with plain blouses or T-shirts. Keep your hijab simple and plain, especially if you’re going with printed tops.

Summer days are almost over and we’re getting ready to rock this fall’s fashion. Have a closer look at the latest trends this season and get ready for some serious shopping. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rob a bank to go shopping. This fall is so considerate to our wallets; it’s bringing some of the finest fashion oldies back into style.

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