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5 Fashion Summer Trends

B&W - Jun 2021

The most searched fashion-related topic in 2020 was ‘comfortable fashion,’ a question that makes sense for a world we spent inside, only leaving the comfort of our safe homes to run errands, not caring how we look. But 2021 is (thankfully) long gone. In a world slowly recovering from the hit it took the last two years, people are eager to get out and enjoy the summer to the fullest finally. Minimalism is out, and dressing to the absolute nines is in! Glitter, puffy sleeves, and funky colors- here are some of the trends we expect to see take over summer 2021 based on runway outfits. 


Oversized Shoulder pad Jackets


Inspired by the 80’s iconic puffed shoulder pad, oversized blazers with noticeable pads are in style again. Creating a long and elegant silhouette can make any outfit immediately look more polished and well put together. Pair them over a dress or a regular shirt and pants, and watch your look effortlessly chic. 



‘Sorbet’ Pastels


Have you ever had sorbet ice cream? Soft and sweet and perfect for the summer, runway designers inspired this classic dessert to bring these colors in style. Last seen in the ’80s, a decade making a massive comeback in fashion right now, these colors are perfect for anyone who loves to experiment with exciting color palettes.




Puffy Sleeves


For lovers of the ’80s and vintage-inspired fashion scene, this year is a dream. These elegant yet dramatic puffy sleeves are in again and perfect for a ‘day-night time look. You can pair them with a dress or pants, make it as classic or experimental as you want, but you are guaranteed to make an outfit perfect for any time of day.


Wide-Leg Pants


High-waisted and wide-leg trousers were a staple of the ‘office wear’ inspired fashion movement of the ’80s. It’s sleek and creates a long clean silhouette- but best of all, it’s very versatile. Experiment with color tops or even layering; the long silhouette will still give you a chic put together look. 





Black Masks


Sleek, elegant, and goes together with every color; what's there not to love about the household color in every closet- black. While the '80s are indeed having their time in the sun, this trend is a unique creation born from our strange times. Masks have become an essential part of our daily lives, and many have realized that the green/blue surgical masks clash with their outfits and have opted for reusable black cotton masks instead. Make them a part of your outfit or use them because they don't disturb your look but make sure to grab one the next time you shop!


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