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Five different Summary looks with ONE Chemise!

Nada Tarek - May 2021

If you open your wardrobe, you will definitely find a basic blue Jeans Chemise, right?

But it’s never boring to wear it on different occasions or in different events because Jeans Chemises can fit in all the outing types that you can imagine.


Here are 5 different looks for 5 different types of outings in Summer where you can wear the same basic blue Jeans Chemise but in different ways.


If you are a morning person and you love taking breakfast with your friends at an open air restaurants on the nile, you can wear your Jeans Chemise with a white undershirt and a fleurie skirt.



But if you're not a morning person and you love night outings, you can also use your chemise on a black leather pants and some black heels to give it the night look



You can also be a working woman who wants to wear a semi-formal outfit for the workplace and a jeans chemise would be a perfect solution for this



And if you decide to take a break from your work and go to the beach, your jeans chemise will never leave you. You can wear it on your white dress and some gold accessories



Last but never least, your jeans chemise can help you to fit in your family outings where you can have an all-jeans outfit with some colorful accessories.



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