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The Story Behind "Amarillo".. The Cutting Edge Streetwear Brand

B&W - Jan 2021

Streetwear will never end even though time and style change, it stills inspiring the upcoming generation of designers by adding creative ideas. That’s why we had a look at the distinctive startup fashion brand “Amarillo”


Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication “Leonardo Da Vinci”. That’s what “Amarillo” seeks to convey to their buyers. Founded by “Ammar El Mohammady” who discovered his passion for fashion design, so he set about launching his own fashion brand that reflects his stellar lifestyle and powerful personality.


By keeping it simple,  “Amarillo” aims to bring trendier outfits; it’s “simple but classy”. On the other hands, it has finest fabrics to touch human skin, as only 100% Egyptian cotton is used in their products. Differentiation is their motto, whereas each design is unique, it can be worn in various occasion. Customers' satisfaction with the quality of the products is their primary concern, so they are always looking to offer their wearer the highest quality.          


It is expected that “Amarillo” is going to be one of the top streetwear brands in Egypt in the upcoming future, so you will always find what you are looking for.

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