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Did You Know that the World’s Largest Textile Factory is Based in Egypt? Let’s Find out More about It

Mariam Youssef - Nov 2021

The new Textile Factory, the largest spinning and weaving factory in the world, is located in Ghazl El-Mahalla, Egypt. The factory’s average production capacity is about 30 tons per day.

The Minister of Business Sector, Hisham Tawfik, supervised the development and rehabilitation work of factories 4 and 6 in the Mahalla Spinning Company, where he checked on the position of civil and electrical works in preparation for the installation of new machines, the start of the operation, and the opening of factories in the second half of 2022.

After completing the inspection tour of the factories, the minister stated that the 23 companies located in Mahalla, producing 35,000 tons of yarn annually are estimated to reach 48,000 tons a year. He also expects that these companies’ production can reach up to 188,000 tons annually.

The minister explained that the excellent new spinning machines produce weaving at a speed of one thousand “throws” per minute, unlike the old machines that produce only 300 “throws” per minute. He continued, "The production is 3 times greater with new machines, and the electricity savings reach up to 20%."

On the importance of yarn quality and its impact on sales rates in the markets, he stressed that “measuring yarn quality is based on the number of pieces in the thread.” He pointed out that the “sensors” feature eliminates spinning breaks, as it predicts cutting beforehand, which helps in carrying out preventive maintenance of the thread. Even when cutting occurs, the thread is automatically fused, the yarn productivity is increased by double quantities, and the percentage of second sorting is reduced.

The minister has also shed the light on the imposed challenge that follows the improvements that are about to be implemented, which is the ability to sell 188,000 tons of yarn. From here, the Minister put forward a plan to get out of the impasse of selling tons of yarn, saying: “We created a sales and marketing company in order to sell the products of all companies... Productivity is divided into two parts: the higher product, which is called (primer) and the second one, which is referred to as the (regular) product.

He wrapped up by saying, “The company will also take care of marketing inside and outside Egypt. The local marketing will be via selling fabrics and other products to Egyptian factories. The factory will also allocate three sales lines outside Egypt, which are divided into home clothing, textiles, and official shirts.”

The cost of the construction works implemented by Gama is about 780 million Egyptian pounds, in addition to the cost of the machines.

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