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Proud Egyptians with the Golden Civilization

Nada Tarek - Apr 2021

When we are describing egypt, we will not describe only its streets, buildings, people or economy; we have to talk about its golden civilization.

More than 3000 years of innovation and creativity were glorified by the Golden Parade that took place in our beloved Egypt on Saturday, April 3 2021.


On that day, history was made again by the pharaohs in collaboration with the new Egyptian Generation. 22 Royal Mummies - 18 kings and four queens - were paraded from the Classic Egyptian Museum to their new station at the National Egyptian Museum of Civilization.


“With pride, I look forward to receiving the kings and queens of Egypt after their journey from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. This majestic scene is a new evidence of the greatness of these people, the guardian of this unique civilization that extends into the depths of history,” said President AbdelFattah ElSisi on Twitter.


The Royal Mummies were transported in the chronological order of their reigns in special-made pharaonic vehicles with high security arrangements and great celebrations from all the Egyptians. 


The event started with the breathtaking tunes of the famous Egyptian Composer Hisham Nazih, in collaboration with the Maestro Nader Abbassi with his giant and talented Orchestra. 


Surprisingly, it is Ancient Egyptian singing and the words of the songs were taken from the Pharaohs book of the dead and parts of their temple-engraved poems. 


Moreover, the event was flourished by the angelic voices of the singers Reham Abdelhakim, Nesma Mahjoub and the Soprano Amira Selim.


Youssra, Mona Zaki, Nelly Kareem, Hend Sabry and Nardine Farrag were the symbolic women who represented the Egyptian Woman in the event and who were leading the parade.


“It is a great honor... that I will be part of this luxurious, unique and honorable event for every Egyptian and Arab around the world .. Egypt speaks for itself in the highest meanings of civilization and creativity. ‘Egypt leads the world and will forever be the mother of the world’,” said Youssra, the famous Actress on twitter.


All the female celebrities were dressed in pharaonic designs by the International talented Designer Zuhair Murad, the Elegant Egyptian Designer Farida Temraza and many more who succeeded in recreating the historical fancy Pharaohs’ style.


In addition to female actresses, Hussein Fahmy, Asser Yassin, Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed ElSakka and many more celebrities were at the event celebrating the historical moment that took place.


With pride, many Egyptian citizens were following the event from their homes through TV channels or Social media, while others were lucky enough to attend the parade from their balconies or nearby streets.


“I am living in Manial, and I was watching the parade from home on television and when they left Tahrir Square, I went out and went on the Nile to watch the event live and I found many people did this,” Aballah Nabil, Egyptian Citizen told Black and White Magazine.


Abdallah mentioned that many people were there covering the event and all people were getting their children and saying that “it’s such an honor for us that people around the world are watching this.”


Many parents were keen on making their children attend and watch this historical event to get them cultivated with the egyptian spirit and enthusiam


“In today's globalized world, it's really important to teach children about their heritage and history. This was an excellent opportunity to get them psyched about ancient Egypt and instill a sense of pride and wonder in them,” Nadine ElSayed, Associate professor of Practice at AUC told Black and White Magazine. 


As usual, Egypt is making its citizen proud, promising a more cheerful and bright future  continuing the journey of their successors.

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