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Celebrate National Best Friends Day June 8

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

We all have at least have someone who we consider our best friend, even if it’s your mother, brother, cousin or whoever. Someone we love, appreciate and respect, above all someone we’re grateful for even if you are your own best friend. Fortunately, we are lucky to have that person/persons because life without best friends is not a complete one.


That sense of security and comfort cannot be found elsewhere, such bond shares moments of sadness before happiness. A best friend is the one you go to for gossip, advice, laughter, when you’re feeling down and definitely when you’re feeling over the moon. They are the closest to your heart, they know you better than anyone else, keep your secrets and create memories that last with you forever. 

Therefore, this one of a kind relationship is celebrated each year on National Best Friends Day, June 8. You might be thinking but I can celebrate anytime, of course! But this day has been officially marked on the calendar because best friends deserve an authentic anniversary. In fact, this day goes back to 1935 where people decided to acknowledge the value of friendship and since then it has been there as a form of recognition. 


How you celebrate best friends day is totally up to you, there isn’t a set rule. A simple greeting can mean the world, a small gift would be sweet and most importantly a big hug would be most meaningful. Really, you know your best friend better than anyone else and expectedly, you’d know which one of those things they need most or maybe they mentioned something completely different. 

Either way, doing something extra special with your dearest companion would be just enough to enjoy, join and support the day. Oh and the current struggle of social distancing? It isn’t an excuse to skip the day. Instead, you could pick up your phone and wish them a ‘happy best friends day,’ video call or create a super creative message to remind them of how important they are to you. 


This is just the right time for it, we all need to be reminded, supported and cared for because together we can get through anything. Regardless of how long you’ve known your best friend, how many fights you’ve had or how different they are to you, remember they will always have your back and be there in times of need. True best friends are gems and such unbreakable bond should be admired a little more on such day each year.

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