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All together Lets Pray For Humanity - 14th Of May

Rana Ragab - May 2020

This upcoming Thursday, people all across the globe will be praying to the creator of humankind to save the world from the horrifying coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of our religious differences, whether it’s Islam, Christianity or any other beliefs being followed, everyone is invited to share this important moment. 


The expectation is that we undergo prayers from our homes, with hope to overcome such worldwide crisis. Furthermore, sects led by Al-Azhar Grand Imam and head of Catholic Church will focus on praying to god that he saves humanity from the uncontrollable virus. 


Together we stand, even in social distancing and share the same thoughts and emotions as brothers and sisters in unity and with deep understanding. With 4 million people infected and 300,000 killed all over the world, we come to acknowledge that the lives of our beloved ones may be in danger and that world’s economy is indeed suffering drastically. 


It’s no longer just a matter of having a strong immunity, being young or taking all precautionary measures, it’s actually serious and anyone is at risk of catching the virus. Not to mention, the amount of fear and distress that this topic has put many people through, destroying their mental and emotional wellbeing.


Now,  we must undertake the Al-Azhar Grand Imam’s call and pray to our creator in one voice to help us dismiss coronavirus, keep our faith strong, guide doctors and scholars to find the drug to cure those infected and to protect each and everyone.


So, let’s join the call and feel the importance of such day, the way it will get us to overlook differences and conflicts and instead allows us to stand together as a whole. Pray for humanity! 


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