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How To Celebrate Easter At Home

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

This Spring holiday is different to previous times, a virus pandemic has decided to join us but we can still find some joy in the middle a worldwide crisis. With restrictions set in place and people required to stay at home isolated and distanced away from their loved ones and those they would rather celebrate with, there is still something to do to feel that Easter is here. 


Even religious practices have been altered, churches are closed because that’s the safer option to limit the spread of coronavirus. Along with parks where families would usually gather for picnics and laughter, this is not acceptable until the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end. A celebration is not felt unless there is companionship and all other aspects that bring the mood on. 


For the time being, Easter can be celebrated virtually. There are many forms of digital communication, certain applications are becoming increasingly popular such as Houseparty and Zoom. So why not gather with your family online, see and talk to one another for as long as you wish. You can get dressed up and paint the Easter eggs, play some games and share some jokes together. 

Another way to celebrate is to decorate the house, make it colourful and cheerful. That’s what Easter and Spring is all about, get dressed and take some photos at your door or in the garden. You can still create some memories with your partner and children, making this Easter a close and personal one. You could also cook some delicious Easter desserts and enjoy them together with a cup of coffee on a sunny Easter morning. 

What about an Easter egg hunt at home? You don’t need to have access to a park or backyard. Get your kids excited to find hidden treats in the corners of your house, behind the couches in the wardrobes and make them super active and happy to celebrate Easter at home. Join the fun, come up with competitions and keep the whole family busy playing games this Easter. 

Find some Easter movies, there are so many options on Netflix and Disney+. Spend the Easter evening on the couch in your pyjamas and comfortably enjoy some snacks and a bunny movie. Remember, you’re never too old for a Disney movie and having your children around is more than enough to make it a special Easter spent at home.  

For those who are disappointed about missing Church or their usual rituals, there are online services organised instead and local Churches will be live-streaming throughout the day. Find the right service for you and join people from your community for a meaningful conversation and a good Easter celebration. 


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