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A Different Ramadan Experience In 2020

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020


This year’s Ramadan is expected to be completely different due to the coronavirus pandemic that hasn’t come to an end yet, unfortunately. We might as well prepare ourself that there will be no ramadan nights, outings, gatherings, prayers in the masjid and all the festive moments we look forward to when this holy month comes around. 


Fortunately, Ramadan 2020 is going to be more traditional and personal, as we get to spend more time with our family members and hopefully perform religious practices in lockdown conditions. Many muslims around the world have expressed concern and disappointment towards the changes we will need to adapt to during this month. 


However, as a way of stopping the spread of the virus, we will need to continue with our precautions even in Ramadan. Those who were used to going to the mosque throughout the 30 days will need to pray at home instead to adhere to the ban. While, the group of friends that usually go out at night to hang around will also need to remain at home with their siblings instead. Mothers will need to cook on daily basis as having Iftar outside is no longer an option, which means everyone at home needs to support one another. 


We would be lucky enough if we are able to get a few relatives or close friends over and visit them at least once or twice, even though it’s not the best option as social gatherings increase the risk of spreading the virus. Hopefully we’ll have a few television series to watch as a form of entertainment, since coronavirus won’t allow series makers to fully complete their productions by the start of Ramadan. 


Meanwhile, let’s get into the habit of performing our five prayers on time, reading Quran more often and getting closer to our creator. Take it as a good chance to feel the spirit of Ramadan at home, in a peaceful and simple way just like they did in the old days. Decorate your house with lanterns and lights packed away from previous years, this will at least bring on the mood.


It might be demotivating to spend Ramadan in curfew with all these restrictions, but take it positively and remember that the coronavirus pandemic shall pass and Ramadan shall come again.

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