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The Praised Efforts Of The Egyptian Government Surprise Everyone

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

The Egyptian government has taken many steps to contain the spread of coronavirus, leaving Egyptians skeptical about the level of organisation and concern that has been demonstrated in their actions. With an increasing number of cases over the past 2 weeks, the government has been solely focused on responding to the outbreak with new rules and safety measures put in place to reduce covid-19 victims. Some citizens are promoting this movement, while others are acting completely against it. Thankfully, the Egyptian government is taking all the necessary steps to protect as many people from covid-19 pandemic. 


Many formal decisions have been made over the past couple of weeks and are expected to be strictly followed by all residents. Starting with the closure of all schools and universities for a period of two weeks, followed by a ban on all gatherings and theatres. By mid March there was a suspension set on flight movement to and from the country to control the spreading virus coming from foreign countries. Followed by a decision from the Ministry of Religious Endowments to halt all mosques and churches in order to avoid communal prayers. The closure of malls, gyms, restaurants, cafes and sporting venues for two weeks was also announced. 


The latest decision taken was a nationwide curfew from 7pm to 6am, along with all shops closing during curfew hours except for supermarkets, bakeries and pharmacies. Both delivery services and public transportation are obligated to stop operating during curfew hours. A further two weeks off for all school and university students was confirmed. Consequences have also been addressed, for whoever breaks the curfew rules will be punished with 4,000 pounds fine and jail. 



The government’s concern and care for the country has been reflected in several aspects. Over 50,000 buildings have been sanitised, and most streets have been driven through and cleaned overnight while all citizen were fast asleep. Hospitals are taking care of all patients, and costs for coronavirus cases are completely covered by the government. Doctors and nurses appear to be well-equiped with the aim of passing on an important message to maintain good hygiene for the safety of individual lives.



The World Health Organisation (WHO) and CNN have praised Egypt for dealing with the outbreak in a devoted, credible and strategic manner. The government has been gradually acting and taking it’s precautionary measures to provide fundamental safety and security. This is very pleasing, given that other countries are now facing a huge crisis as a result of acting late and inappropriately towards the deadly virus. 


Because our government and health carers are highly knowledgable, seen other parts of the world as an example and are well aware of the circumstances, they are able to protect us. For those who think the Egyptian government acted a bit late, in fact they didn’t but rather minimised the level of fear associated with fast decisions. And for those who are questioning the governments actions, it’s important to help them by obeying the laws and sharing the same concern rather simply judging.


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