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Create the Perfect Bouquet this Mother’s Day

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

One of the most admired gifts that you can never go wrong with is a flower bouquet, florals signify beauty, love and care which is all your mother really needs on her special day. It’s one of the simplest yet most meaningful ways to express apology, appreciation and admiration and it will definitely draw a smile on her face and fill her heart with lots of love.


Below is a list what of the perfect bouquet consists of:


1. Roses

As we all know, roses are the most romantic flowers with a scent that steals your breath away. Each colour has a different meaning, red of course symbolizes love, white represents purity, pink denotes elegance, purple is enchantment and yellow is all about joy. So you decide on what you want to say to your mother and what colour describes her best, then make sure you include that!


2. Lilies

They are very popular and come in a variety of colours and sizes, a lily express how special someone is to you and is a very beautiful way to say it. Lilly petals are very delicate and have an irresistible and divine smell.  This type of flower represents modesty, passion femininity which makes it the perfect flower for your mum on mother’s day. 


3. Daisies

This particular flower reflects the sun due to it’s yellow center and the white petals that characterize rays of the morning sun. It stands for innocence, true love and secrets that seamlessly match everything about your relationship with your mother.


4. Sunflowers

Much similar to the daisy except with bright yellow petals and a brown center. Sunflowers represent happiness and delight which is just right for the spirit of mother’s day. If you know your mother is strong, self-confident, cheerful, energetic and generous then it’s essential that your give her some sunflowers and remind her.


5. Gardenias

The Gardenia flower is pure white and has a sweet scent, it indicates refinement and devotion. To ensure your message has clarity and communicates something meaningful to your mum, it would be nice to include Gardenias in your beautifully wrapped bouquet.


6. Orchids

A sign of grace and strength, this flower is very unique and exotic in nature. The flower is commonly vibrant purple but can also come in other colours and sizes, people who appreciate Orchids are able to care for them because they know it’s valuable. Orchids are simply beautiful and bloom amongst other florals, adding them to the bouquet will give it a creative touch and make your mother feel extra special.

Whether it's your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, wife or friend, they will most probably admire the flowers you give them. So take the time to make them a beautifully wrapped bouquet with the flowers that best reflect their traits and express your love and appreciation towards them. 

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