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A Taste of the World’s Finest Cuisines- Dubai Food Festival 2020

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

 During this time of the year, Dubai Food Festival takes place for the seventh time, introducing the best cuisines, restaurants, street food, and experienced chefs. The event runs for about two and a half weeks and this year it is scheduled until March 14, inviting families and guests from around the world to enjoy the fun activities and delicious food.


The event is engaging for all ages, even kids will be really excited with the kids play zone, cooking workshops and sessions, the beachside theatre, games and sports area. Adult will also be able to participate with their younger ones while, trying out signature dishes, learning new recipes and finding out about the most exciting restaurants in town.


Furthermore, the festive atmosphere in the sunset by the beach with live music, guests of honor, cooking demos, food trucks and engaging workshops make it a wonderful experience for everyone involved!

Professional chefs, restaurants, nutritionists, entrepreneurs, startups, and food enthusiasts come together to make this festival spectacular and deliver expert advice along with a promising guide to those willing to attend. The event is organized in a way that informs people what will be made available to them and when they can be there, depending on their interests.


Some of the segments include Restaurant Week which looks at the most astonishing eateries and those as part of hotels within Dubai, as well as their super popular course meals. Next comes Dine and Win which involves lots of prizes and merchandises for the participating restaurants.


A bit of mystery is added by Hidden Gems which reveals some unpopular yet awesome places to try out and vote for. The Foodie Experience is one which includes a range of engaging workshops and food tasting arranged for guests to take part. Following Taste of Dubai which brings conspicuous celebrity chefs to perform live cooking and showcase the latest cooking techniques.

With a range of opportunities from basic street style to fine dining, guests have the glory of getting the ultimate foodie experience and exploring the city through such food haven. Gaining an insight into the most affordable places to go is beneficial for all visitors in terms of saving and eating tasty food too. Meanwhile, knowing all about the fancy places like Jumeirah Beach Resort (JBR) identifies the perfect spot for special occasions and a luxurious experience.


Not to mention the exclusive coffee collection, Limited Coffee Edition for all coffee lovers who value the awakening smell, delicious taste and heart-warming sensation of good coffee. Alongside, the Cheesy Festival for those who admire cheese and cannot resist it whatsoever. Dubai Food Festival invites those cheese lovers to try out premium cheese and enjoy every moment.


The good news is that you are in control of how much you spend, depending on your choices. You could pay very little on tasty street food or you could end up going over and above your budget if you are captivated by the leading gastronomies. Honestly, no one can blame you, this year’s attractions at the Dubai Food Festival are breath-taking and the food is mouth-watering!


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