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The One-One Questions: Khaled Anwar officially stole our hearts!

B&W - Oct 2020

Our beloved star Khaled Anwar is our new guest of this week for our continuous series “The One One Questions”.  The young, ambitious star keeps blooming each year with a new hit with huge actors and actresses. Ever since his promising beginning, Anwar continues to surprise us, whether by his developing acting skills starting from the fun young man in Awalim Khafiya with the star Adel Emam, to the kind-hearted person he performed in Khiyanit Ahd with the diva Youssra. Not only did Anwar tremendously succeed in his last work of art, but he made people cry by his death in Khaiyanit Ahd leaving the audience speechless with tears, Youssra and him even had to phone call a fan to calm her down. Anwar never cease to impress his audience with his outstanding skills in bringing every character he played into the real life, and we are sure that his latest series “Tahqiq” will not be any different!


What is the thing you want people to remember you by whether something in yourpersonality or in your work?

I want to positively impact my society through my work of art.


Whether a current artist or from the past, who do you think aced it by being in the industry?

There is always better because art is diverse so I never thought who is better than who, because art is too precious.


What is one aspect you want to add from the old Egyptian cinema to the modern Egyptian cinema?

The sophistication and pleasant mannerism of people regardless of their social class.


If you have the choice to live the story of a novel or movie what would it be?

I would like to live the story of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.


What is one aspect you discovered in yourself after becoming an actor?

That if I believe in something along with hardworking, I will achieve it.


Let’s travel again! If you find a time machine, would you travel to the past or the future and why?

I will return to the past to attempt stopping the wars, also, will try to remove the hatred from other nations hearts to each other.


It’s known fact that you are infatuated by music, so what instrument or type of music you never get bored of hearing?

I adore and appreciate music in general, I can’t choose a specific type or instrument because it depends on my mood what I listen to but music must be playing in the background.


What is one sentence that was told to you by one of the famous actresses/ actors you worked with?

Youssra once told me, “the spark in your eyes and your passion remind me of Ahmed Zaki” , I will never forget this sentence.


What trait you love and hate the most in your horoscope as a Leo?

I don’t believe in horoscopes, however, one thing I thank God about is my ability to understand people quickly.


What’s the first thing that grabs your attention in the person you’re speaking to?

The person’s level of awareness in addition to their level of optimism.


What are you excited for in your latest series “Tahqiq”?

The whole series in general is exciting, from the plotline to the hardworking crew along with the creative director, and finally the anxious production company because they want to produce the best they can.

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