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The One-One Questions: Exceptional chit chat with nothing further beyond Mariam El-Khosht!

B&W - Aug 2020

The one-one questions series is back to you again with no one but the beautiful Mariam El-Khost. For the past years she made her way to people’s hearts through acting in many outstanding projects starting with La Tutfe’ Alshams to Nabila in Layali Eugenie and most recently Miss Farah and Leh La. Mariam El-Khost checked all our list from acting, singing, dubbing, to even radio presenter, is there anything left she cannot do? Hence, we invited her to our one-one questions series so we can dip more and know the answer but let me tell you beforehand; she can do everything, even cooking!


What have you learned about yourself since you became a celebrity?

That is a very difficult question as I never thought about it before. But I think what I learnt is that I can be a lot more composed than I thought. Because I always thought that I had my emotions on the surface and that I lose my temper very quickly as well as crying easily but I realized in that sense when people know who you are you start having a responsibility towards them. For example if they want to talk to you or take a picture and you are not in a place to do that you still have to grasp that you have this responsibility towards them.


Who would you take with you to a night in space and why?

Firstly I think if by any chance I got to go to space I would not go for just a night it will take longer than that! However, I would take Sherif Noureldin because whatever vibe I can be sure that he will be the right company for this vibe. Generally we agree very much on a lot of things so I feel like he is the right person to share an experience like this with.


Choose a Classic Egyptian film that you would like to live its story?

This is also a very difficult question as all the classic movies I like tend to be very sad and I would not like to live that. For example I really like the movie “Hekayet Hob” for Abdelhalim Hafez and Mariam Fakhreldin but they fall in love and he dies in the end but I love it. However, I can live the movie “Fatah Al-Ahlam” for Abdelhalim Hafez because it is a sweet movie and I love it.


Of the many things you do, which one makes your heart beat the fastest?

Acting 100% I cannot live without it. I avoided it for quite a time and whenever anyone called me for any projects I would refuse them because I was worried of being famous; I did not know if I would like it or not. Also, I was always worried of me thinking I am a good actress and people thinking I was horrible. But the rush I get from acting is not like the rush I get from anything else.


We know you love animals so if you could build an imaginary universe for animals, how would it be like?

The perfect world where animals can live a fair life is not necessarily has to be imaginary universe. We just need to appreciate who they are and realize that we share the universe together. We should not own them in a way that will hurt them. I just hope that just how we realize that we deserve a certain life and that we have rights; they deserve the same thing because they feel everything we feel. So If I thought of an imaginary world for them it would be where they cannot be restrained, confined, or locked up. Generally they should live in an open space the way they intended to live in the first place.


Let’s travel again to the past, in what time you want to land and what’s the first thing you will do?

I honestly want to go back to the 50’s because I am obsessed with this time! The first thing I would do is that I will put a massive dress on and just go to the supermarket. People back then did that all time and this was the coolest thing ever! Also I want to go to the store and get things not bagged on plastic bags but boxes.


What’s your perfect advice to give to any girl?

My advice to any girl is that she needs to know very well that she is not less than a boy. Maybe she is actually stronger than a boy because women physically were created to endure an insane kind of pain. Women are extremely strong and giving, they can do things that men cannot do and not vice versa. Women should realize that anything men can do they can do as well.


What is one dish you can cook and be confident that anyone will like?

Honestly I am good in the kitchen so a lot of stuff! But especially sweets and pastries; I can make crazy cakes from scratch so if I make you dessert you will be happy.


A fashion trend that never gets old for you?

I always think that old fashion school meaning classic do not go out of style. You cannot go wrong with a 50’s style dresses. I always go on red carpet for the old Hollywood glamour especially with the hair. So yeah classic in general is the answer.


What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10 and why?

In Egypt it would be Soad Hosny, she is beautiful, sexy, confident, and playful as well as an amazing actress. Many of the times you always find something missing but Soad Hosny has everything and can do everything. On the other hand, I really do love Grace Kelly because she is so regal it is unbelievable. Also, Audrey Hepburn I think she has the same qualities as Soad Hosny except that I think Soad Hosny was a better actress, but Audrey Hepburn was very beautiful, childish, funny, and sexy in her own way.


Tell us what projects you are currently working on?

Currently we are shooting for Al-Anesa Farah part two and three at the same time.

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