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Your guide to Eid movies

Nadeen Hossam - Jul 2020

During Eid people love to watch movies, especially after everything reopening again people would love to go out. So, here’s your Eid guideline to save you time!


Al Ghasala

The comedian movie is starring our favourite cast Ahmed Hatem, Hana El Zahed, Mahmoud Hemida, and Mohammed Salam. In a comedy manner, the movie’s events are about a washing machine that make the characters travel through time. This idea was presented before in successful movies such as Banat el Amm starring Ahmed Fahmy, Chico and Hesham. And Teer Enta starring the beloved Ahmed Mekky. So, hopefully film Al-Ghasalah would achieve the same success of both movies.


Saheb al maqam

The spectacular cast of the film are Asser Yassin, Yusra, Amina Khalil, and Bayoumy Fouad. Each of the mentioned names has a huge fanbase that adore him or her so imagine when you put all four together in one movie!

The events are about a corrupted businessman named Yehia, who does an action that brings his life upside down, but Amlah Whed’s soul comes to rescue and try to guide him on how to balance his life back.


Tawa’am Rouhy

From the poster we deduce that the movie is romantic. The heartthrob Hassan el Radad and the beautiful Amina Khalil are in love with each other; however, several obstacles stand in the way of their happily ever after. As for the gorgeous Aisha bin Ahmed, her role is mysterious until we watch the movie. Because who knows, maybe she’s the obstacle.


Zenzanah 7

The action movie exhibitsa series of conflicts between two men inside jail. The trending actor in Ramadan, Ahmed Zaher will surprise us in his new movie, alongside Nedal Al Shafey.  Even though the duet is new to us, but we are sure they will surprise with a bomb movie!



The film is categorised as horror, because the movie presents a story about a young girl who can foresee the future. The actors of the movie are Mohammed Tharwat, Ehab Fahmy, and the actress are Hala Fakher, Maha Nasr. And the new young face May Abdel El Qader.

The horror genre here in Egypt is not a popular genre so hopefully this movie would nail the success they are aiming for!


The good news is that the movie is already being aired on Shahid plus so in case you don’t have the patience to wait you can pay 49 LE per month to watch the movie before it’s aired in cinemas.

We hope this article helped in choosing movie which movie to watch even though the battle is quite hard.

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