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The One One Questions: A Glimpse into the Multi-talented Mohamed El Sharnoubys Life:

B&W - Jul 2020

Egyptian Heartthrob Mohamed El Sharnouby, won your hearts on screen in his numer-ous projects such as “Leh La2”, “Ka2eno Embara7”, and “Afra7 El Qobba”; and he is here with us at Black and White to give you a glimpse of his life. From sharing the screen with gorgeous star Amina Khalil, to his gripping roles on tv and film, and serenading us with his beautiful voice, especially in his last album “Zay Fesoul El Arbaa”, he has proven to be a man of many talents. So naturally we were excited to feature him as part of “The One One Questions” segment and get the chance to ask him a few questions about himself and his newly wed life.


What's your annoying habit?

I like to whistle all day all night


Who is your inspiration in singing and acting?
Ahmed Zaki, singing (fadel chaker , Fairouz, angham and sherine)


What kind of music do you want to present and didn't get the chance to yet?
Mix of the oriental singing with the western music


What's your upcoming project?
Mosalsal Lo2lo2 with Mai Omar and ahmed zaher


What would you like to be remembered about you?
I wish to leave a heritage of music and movies that would stay in the industry history for-ever


What's your favorite thing about Hussein in Leh La?
To me hussein was a good mix of the middle eastern and western open minded man, and he was open to life and fun to be around


The first thing that caught your attention in Randa Riad your wife?
Rand and I are alike in most of the things


If you could, who would like to sing with from the past or present, dead or alive?


What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Okay this is funny one, there is a fan who always sends me texts and voice notes “more than 100 texts per day” as if we are together and all the time she’s either fighting with me or loving me, the weird thing is that I never saw her and even took a picture with her


Choose a novel or a movie you would like to experience in real life?
The terminal, i wish to get stuck at the airport and try the experience


A song from your album that perfectly fits Randa, your wife?
El bent el bethlam beeha

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