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Ragaa El-Gedawy: the lady with a journey that brought us beauty and ingenuity.

Hebatallah Mohamed - Jul 2020

After participating in more than 250 artworks from movies, dramas, and plays the star Ragaa El-Gedawy leaves us at the age of 81 after fighting coronavirus for 45 days. From a fashion model to an actress; she left us with a journey that we will never forget. She was one of the very valued icons in the industry for the diverse roles she showed.

She was inspired by her aunt the star “Taheyya Kariokka” and in 1958 she decided to pursue her dream by participating in the Miss Egyptian Cotton beauty contest. After winning the content El-Gedawy started getting numerous acting offers and that was when she decided to abandon her career as a translator and start her acting career.

Let us have a quick trip though some of her work that will always touch us in a way


Doaa Al Karwan 1959

Her first step into her acting career started in one of the very important movies in the Egyptian cinema “Doaa Al Karwan”. This movie gave the people an insight of how much her journey will be unique. The movie was directed by Henry Barakat and starring the stars Faten Hamama and Ahmed Mazhar. Many consider this movie as the birth of the star Ragaa El-Gedawy.


Isha’et Hob 1960

The evil, rich, and smart girl may seem an easy role to act but Ragaa El-Gedawy role in Isha’et Hob was so unique that we remember it until now. Although she didn’t have many scenes in the movie, the scenes she participated in and her beauty were unforgettable. The movie was directed by Faten Abdelwahab starring Soad Hosny, Omar Elsherif, Hend Rustom, and Youssef Wahbi.


Hadota Masreya 1982

This movie was considered a turnover in El-Gedawy's acting career as she participated in one of the very important movies directed by Youssef Chahein. Many film critics praised her different role in the movie despite the fact that the movie starred many other stars such as Youssra and Noor Alsherif.


Hekayat Zoog Moaaser 2003

This series was also considered a turnover in El-Gedawy's acting career as she was always known as the chic lady in her roles. However, in this series that had a different story in every episode she got a space to play various roles that showed she can do more than the “chic lady”. The series was directed by Sherin Adel starring Rogena, Basma, and Ashraf Abdelbaky.


Al Wad Sayed Alsha’al 1985

One of the very famous plays that we as children enjoyed was Al Wad Sayed Alsha’al. Although her role in the play was not that big but many people’ favourite scenes are the ones that were full of the chemsity between El-Gedawy and the superstar Adel Imam. They used to go out of script many times and improvise which made people love it even more!

May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

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