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A Not So Terrifying Experience With Covid-19

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

Now that the virus has become more contagious than ever, we’ve heard stories about celebrities, friends, neighbours and even family members who have caught the disease and actually recovered. As bad as it may seem, most cases are curable and the hysterical response that people have is what spreads fear more than the virus itself. 


Most recently, Egyptian celebrities have taken a chance to share their experience with Covid-19, including:


Karim Kassem

A few days ago, the young actor went live to speak to his fans on Instagram about his experience with Coronavirus. He explained how he took care of himself and chose to overcome those mild symptoms by following a simple treatment plan and consuming necessary vitamins to strengthen his immunity in the process. 

Eman El-Assi

Actress, Eman El-Assi announced being isolated due to testing positive for Coronavirus. She explained how emotional it was being away from her daughter and that she had felt miserable, mainly because she was missing family not because of the illness itself. She also expressed disappointment in people who are afraid to see someone who has recovered from the virus already and that she herself came across such situation.  

Besides that, we have actress Ragaa El Gedawy who is currently in a tramatic situation after being diagnosed with the virus and hospitalised. Not many updates have been told about her, but we heard she’s been spending time in ICU and her family are in search for a cure using plasma from a previously recovered patient. 

Looking at Hollywood stars, most of them faced the virus in a way which seemed like they were the upper hand and strong enough to fight it. These celebrities include: 


Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

The couple were first to share the unpleasant news once they tested positive while visiting Australia. Both spoke about having mild symptoms over social media and took it very lightly until they were able to reassure they’ve recovered. 

Idris Elba

Actor Idris Elba announced earlier that he tested positive and was showing no symptoms. His wife who chose to stay beside him, even throughout the video he posted, assumed that she was also positive but was uncertain. Elba spread positivity by telling people avoid the panic, stay home and be pragmatic. 

Heidi Klum

The well-known model was one of those who isolated themselves once they felt sick, she explained how she wasn’t able to get tested but self-quarantined anyway. Furthermore, she urged people to continuously wash their hands and apply social distancing measures. 

Kristofer Hivju

Known as the star of “Game of Thrones”, Kristofer Hivju revealed his diagnosis with covid-19 a bit later than others. However, he described it much like a cold, given he had mild symptoms. In addition, he advised his followers to take precautionary measures in order to stop the virus from spreading.  

Let alone, there are probably other cases we never heard about as some people choose remain silent about their diagnosis. Understandably, it might be something personal or unpleasant to reveal but it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of and can be used to inform and assure others. In fact, those who speak to their fans and followers about their encounter, reduce the distress that’s going around and the horrifying imagination of what the virus does to humans.

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