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Discover A Playlist From The Golden Age To Refresh & Rewind

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

Listening to classics never fails to set a peaceful mood and calm a busy mind or distressed heart. Middle Eastern countries allover share similar classical preferences. Egyptians have continued to play certain songs and listen to artists from the golden era for many years, as many were from Egyptian origin. It’s something they fancy and it gives them pride in their music talents and work. 

The elderly admire music of their time and have memories attached with each and every song. Even if you ask your parents, you’ll likely find out that it’s there most preferred type because they spent most of their early adulthood years consuming it too. So many great voices like Abdelhalim Hafez, Umm Kulthum, Farid Al-Atrash, Fayrouz, Shadia and the list just goes on and on. 

Whether you’re having a morning coffee in downtown, Cairo or by the beach in Alexandria, you’re likely to hear some unique music and commonly heard songs from the past that still rings a bell today. These audios go all the way back to the 1900’s and even prior to that, where some iconic songs and performances were trending and have been passed on to many generations afterwards. 

Below is a quick playlist of some of the most popular songs from the golden age.

Note: there’s a lot more to search for and add yourself. 


• “Alf Leila Wa Leila” by Umm Kalthum 


• “Sert El Hob” by Umm Kulthum 


• “Enta Omry” by Umm Kulthum


 • “Baeed annak” by Umm Kulthum 


• “Zai El Hawa” by Abdelhalim Hafez


• “Ganna El Hawa” by Abdelhalim Hafez


• “Ahwak” by Abdelhalim Hafez


• “Ana La Habibi” by Fayrouz


• “Saaltak Habibi” by Fayrouz


• “Kifak Enta” by Fayrouz


• “Albi Wa Moftaho” by Farid Al-Atrash


• "El Hayat Helwa” by Farid Al-Atrash 


• "Ma Nehremsh Al Omr Menak" by Farid Al-Atrash


• “Ya Salam Ala Hobi Wa Hobak" by Shadia and Farid Al-Atrash 


• “Zai Al Asal” by Sabah 


• “Dar Ya Dar” by Sabah

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