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The Unbelievable Obsession of ‘B 100 Wesh’ Demands Part 2

Rana Ragab - May 2020

If you haven’t watched this epic series then you surely missed out on something great. As the drama come to an end, we see how people can’t get over it and it’s the only series that got audience praying for a season 2. The outstanding performance and non-cliché narrative is what makes this drama the most talked about in Ramadan 2020. Most importantly, fans have really gotten attached to each and every character, including Omar, Sokar, Hamada, Magy, Sebaie, Zizo, Naglaa, Radwa, Fathy and Sameh. 

This super cool gang have made it a really interesting journey to the point where viewers have been making up scenarios, hoping they don’t get caught for their multiple robbery attempts. Not to mention the heartthrob Asser Yassin, who made all girls go mad with his attractive ways and flirting skills, bringing on the trend ‘hey sugar.’ And we must praise the talented Nelly Karim, who takes on a comedy role for the second time, perfectly pulling it off. 

Hence, there have been several trends and comics going around as the series became increasingly popular. It even got compared with ‘La Casa De Papel’ except entitled ‘La Casa De Bolaq’ in a poster by an Egyptian designer, Amr Eid. This art piece went viral on social media as people recognised the similarities between both and the whole idea of crime and robbery featured. 

Afterall, we do you hope it ends well and that the rebellious cast can actually get away with their criminal acts. Indeed, that’s what happens when you become so captivated, it feels kind of disappointing when the drama comes to an end. But let’s keep our fingers crossed that sooner or later, they’ll surprise us with ‘B 100 Wesh part 2.’

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