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The Best Ramadan Series Soundtracks

Rana Ragab - May 2020

Choosing the right soundtrack is very important when it comes to demonstrating the theme of a series. In fact, music plays a crucial part in capturing attention and is just about as valuable as the scenario itself. The soundtrack should closely match the concept of the story, and aim to reach people emotionally and/or indicate the intended message. 


The chosen artist, music and words impact the way that people remember the events that occur throughout the series and captures their interest to begin with. Regardless of the genre is entirely dramatic, comedy, action, social or historical, the soundtrack needs to reflect the main idea and present the actual mood. There are some incredible soundtrack makers out there, those in which we witness from this 2020 Ramadan series collection.


Kheyanet Ahd 

Musician Adel Hakki created the graphic music for Kheyanet Ahd, one that expresses betrayal and signifies that many obstacles are involved. This accompanied with the opening song ‘Haseb ya tayeb’ by Mostafa Hagag indicates that much of the series is about double-faced people and close ones with bad intentions. 


El Ekhteyar

The talented artist, Tamer Karawan also created the soundtrack for this extraordinary series. Given that it deals with a real life story, the chosen music sounds special and has distinctive elements when compared to other workpieces. It combines the mood of sadness and action together, highlighting that true battles are evident within the story.  


100 Wesh 

The chosen music for this epic comedy is composed by Tamer Karawan. It mainly reflects the comic nature of the series and maintains a flowing rhythm throughout all the scenes. In addition, the opening song ‘Mahragan Millionaire’ by El Maadfaagya briefly explains the intentions of the characters and is created in a way that’s catchy and likely to stick with people.

El Prince

Musician Adel Hakki is also the creator of the music that belongs to El Prince series, we see how it demonstrates the emotional state and the whole idea of betrayal. The music also matches the dialogue, movements, emotions and situations happening in different scenes. Moreover, the opening song ‘El 3sham’ by Ahmed Saad uses powerful words to communicate the unfair experience of the protagonist Mohamed Ramadan. 


El Nehaya 

The creator of the graphic music used in this series is Hisham Kharma, a talented musician who was able to make something catchy and suitable for a science fiction series. The choice of music reflects the psychological state of the actor and flows very well with the overall theme.

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