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Outstanding Performers This Ramadan

Rana Ragab - May 2020

Now that we’re all attached to our couch and television at home, it’s likely that you’ve come across a few faces while switching between channels and exploring the Ramadan dramas. If you haven’t, then chances are you’ve at least heard about some of the awesome performances, and all the actors/actresses that have pulled it off very well this time.

Honestly, there are so many to choose from but here’s a list of the ones that really stood out and have exceeded our expectations as an audience.


Ahmed Zaher - El Prince 

Probably the toughest role he’s ever played, Fathy is a hateful character who couldn’t care less about anyone or anything. He is the leader of the gang and gets his siblings to join his murderous plans, in order to get rid of their brother Radwan for the sake of money. Ahmed Zaher perfectly pulls off a greedy, careless and evil character who has his own forceful ways and is definitely hated by the audience. 

Ahmed Dash - El Prince 

The young actor plays the character Adel who is troubled and driven by drugs, in turn everyone disrespects him until he proves himself otherwise. We can’t wait to find out whether Adel will actually let go of his addiction as he promised his brother Radwan. Aside from the drug activity, we see Adel as a good person being the only one of the six siblings, along with his sister Noura who supports Radwan.


Salwa Osman - El Prince

Her role in the series is unexplainable! in fact,  it’s the perfect part of a dramatic scene, she easily sets the mood and is actually an expert screamer. Stuck between reporting the murderous acts of her children or staying quiet to save them from being punished, Samiha suffers as mother and wife.


Ahmed Magdy - Forsa Tanya 

Let alone his good looks, we see some great improvement in his acting abilities. Ahmed Magdy plays the character of Ziad in Forsa Tanya, desperately trying to fix his mistake and get Malak to fall for him once again. His sense of humour and the efforts he puts in, just steals our hearts away.


Ayten Amer - Forsa Tanya

Ayten Amer plays Riham who is beyond obsessed with Ziad, who doesn’t want to be with her. We witness Riham’s actions which are very mad and full of revenge. Ayten Amer could have played the role in a clichè manner where she would be rather sympathetic. However, we can praise her for being the best villain and for keeping the series somewhat mysterious. 

Asser Yassin - B 100 Wesh 

Honestly speaking, the entire cast is incredible! But Asser Yassin’s professional character is another story to talk about, not to mention his ability to switch different sides of his character is just unbelievable. Omar joins forces with Sokkar (Nelly Karim) to undergo some money work, and we can’t get enough of his charm and the saying “Hey Sugar.”


Sahar El Saigh - El Nehaya

Known as Sabah in the series, she steals our hearts and we automatically take her side when it comes to her one-sided story. Sahar El Saigh carries out an exceptional performance, especially with her on point expressions that really highlight her acting talent. 

Khaled El Nabawy - Lama Kona Soghayareen

Khaled El Nabawy makes the coolest lawyer who attempts to save his brother from a murder case. We see his calm nature and the unbothered energy he exhibits, which really attracts us to his character in Lama Kona Soghayareen.


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