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In Opposition To Feminism; Elly Adra

Rana Ragab - May 2020

After a music video for the soundtrack ‘Leih La2’ by Amal Maher was revealed, we are expecting a short and sweet series to come out by mid Ramadan. Recently, there has been a lot of attention going towards it, given it presents Amina Khalil as a runway bride and in turn, raises arguments about anti-feminism and how the series challenges women’s rights. 


The teaser depicts marriage life, including commitment and  stability which challenges the concept of a ‘strong independent woman’ and the restrictions females need to adhere to. Furthermore, it resembles forced marriages back then which eventually changed as newer generations turned marriage more into a personal choice. 


It wasn’t until the 1920’s that women began to speak up for their rights in Egypt, fighting for gender equality and respect. Only then marriage became more of an option and the workforce began to accept female employees. Hence, this series seems to reflect back on old ways and the challenges faced by women in the Egyptian society previously. 


Amina Khalil’s appearance in the promo portrays the opposite of what feminism stands for, although we remain uncertain about what led her into an unwanted marriage. Nothing can be confirmed yet about her character, whether she is the victim or the one who put her self into this situation, or perhaps it was a family decision. 


It appears to be that some people are solely focusing on what the video has revealed and judging based on the words of the song. Why not think about different possibilities behind the story, for instance whether the groom (Hany Adel) is a good person who deserves to marry her or whether she has been threatened into marrying him. 


Either way, arguments continue even before we watch the 15 episodes unfold the actual narrative. It’s important to note that our assumptions may turn out to be completely wrong and the storyline may actually stand for woman rather than being against them.


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