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Dina El Sherbiny Strikes Again In ‘Le’bet El Nesyan’

Rana Ragab - May 2020

The talented Egyptian actress, Dina El Sherbiny has gotten a number of people hooked to her latest series ‘Le’bet El Nesyan,’ provoking strong curiosity to find out the following events. Primarily the story is all about the protagonist who goes through memory loss and struggles to remember her past and accept her present. Afterwards, we see that she is being reminded of who she used to be in the past and is being emotionally challenged by the other characters. 

A mysterious and mind twisting plot, written by Tamer Habib who creatively grabs audience attention in the first 10 minutes of the series and leaves them wondering on. Many of our favourite stars take part, including Ingy El Mokkadem, Ahmed Dawood, Asmaa Galal, Ragaa El Gidawy, Ahmed El Saadany and others. Each of the cast plays an important role and has an impact on the main character. (Dina El Sherbiny)


The rising star has continuously been praised for her great performances and her contribution to such powerful dramas. We’ve witnessed her success throughout previous outcomes such as ‘Malika’ and ‘Zai El Shams.’ Without a doubt, ‘Le’bet El Nesyan’ shows even more progress and dedication. Besides that, fans have already praised the powerful start of the series and are desperately waiting for the rest of the story to unfold. 

Alongside, her inborn admiration for action, we  can predict that Amr Diab is a very supportive husband, boosting her self-confidence and encouraging her to accomplish her dreams. Moreover, Dina has mentioned several times that she really appreciates his presence in her life, and the all time legend even took the time to compose the soundtrack for ‘Le’bet El Nesyan.’ Afterall, we can’t wait to discover where her fate will take her in the series but we do expect to see more conflict, suspense, flashbacks and possibly even revenge.


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