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A Story Full Of Revenge ‘El Prince’ series

Rana Ragab - May 2020

‘El Prince’ tells the story of family conflict, revenge and loss, it’s a drama that demonstrates what greed can lead to and continuously reveals challenges. The series is written and directed by Mohamed Sami, starring Mohamed Ramadan, Naglaa Badr, Nour, Ahmed Zaher, Rogina, Edward, Donia Abdelaziz, Edward and others. The protagonist Radwan El Prince (Mohamed Ramadan) plays the good guy who stands up for others and protects them and is mistreated in return. 

Surrounded by hateful siblings, Radwan finds himself in deep trouble after his father’s death and is made responsible for the six of them, who decide to forcefully take their percentages. While misunderstanding that Radwan is going to give them their money at the right time, they thoughtlessly blame him and arrange an accident where Lubna (Radwan’s wife) and Seif (Radwan’s son) die.


Ahmed Zaher plays an unexpected role unlike many of his previous performances. The costar plays a character that is completely harmful, aggressive and selfish. Throughout the series we see Fathy (Ahmed Zaher) use up all his energy to search for ways to murder his step brother Radwan after finding out that his father gave all him all his belongings before passing away rather than dividing it amongst each of the siblings. 

Fathy’s jealousy and hatred for Radwan drives his actions and we see how he is willing to step on anyone who disregards him or disobeys his words. Much in the same way that he threatens his sister Noura because he cannot trust that she won’t reveal the plan to Radwan. Given that Noura is the closest one to him and understands that the rest of her siblings are heartless and uncontrollable. 

It seems as though Fathy won’t give up on trying to get rid of Radwan and will continue to lead the rest of the cast towards taking revenge. He even explains to his wife in the previous episode that his anger towards Radwan started a long time ago when they were children and their father favoured him over everyone else. 

Fathy along with his siblings have already attempted to kill Radwan and his family but it didn’t go exactly as planed, with Radwan and his daughter who made it out alive. However, it looks like there are more horrific events yet to manifest, as Ahmed Zaher comments “The war has just started!” on his official Instagram account. We can’t wait to see what happens next, but don’t you think the game is going to change and Radwan will be eager for revenge now? 



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