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Ramez Galal Puts Himself Into Trouble Once Again

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Admitting to many people’s previous opinion of him, that he is absolutely crazy, Ramez returns with a prank show entitled ‘Ramez Magnoun Rasmy’ for the confirmation. Appearing brave, careless and full of revenge, Ramez takes it to another level leading a large number of people to go against him and find his actions  completely unacceptable and torturous. 

Ramez Galal’s horrific shows are nothing new to us, he’s been doing it for years and falling into the same trap everytime. However, this time he takes it too far and he goes mad at his friends and guest with no consideration to their health and wellbeing and how this may impact the wider audience. 

Ramez forcefully places his guests on a simulator and appears delighted to put them through a very hard time regardless of their age, gender or health status. The majority would agree that it’s no joke to put someone through panic and pain, but he insists they say and do things to please him and severely frightens them in return. His actions threaten the health and wellbeing of these people, posing high risks of heart attacks from the excessive fear and possibly broken bones due to the falling that happens on the slippery stairs.

Arguably, this kind of content shouldn’t be viewed by young audience and children as it may lead to heightened levels of anxiety and distress, including the replication of pranks which also raises high risks of harm to oneself and others, as well as distorted thoughts and behaviour. 


A particular age group that consists of individuals who haven’t reached full brain development and still have irregularities in thoughts, feelings and behaviour should have  been taken into consideration. Certainly, such program can be highly influential on young viewers and we must not forget that some children find the show amusing, looking up to Ramez Galal like many other celebrities, as their role model. 


Furthermore, adults may also find this program distressing, especially those who have mental health disorders or easily experience anxiety. It is completely inhumane to treat people in such way that Ramez proudly presents in his show ‘Ramez Magnoun Rasmy.’ So far we’ve been presented with the first few episodes and it cannot be described in anyway other than being unhealthy, stressful and dangerous. 

Many people are discussing their viewpoints and it looks like Ramez Galal will be facing some serious consequences. People are already signing a petition all over social media, agreeing to the suspension of his new program. Most recently, The Abassiya Mental Health Hospital insists that investigations take place and calls for immediate suspension, viewing it as disrespectful and harmful to the Egyptian community’s mental health and wellbeing.


In the meantime, ask yourself the following questions: 


• Do you think it is okay for Ramez Galal to continue this form of entertainment? 


• Is it appropriate for all audiences or should it be regulated for safety purposes? 


• Do you expect the program to be band before the end of Ramadan, given so many people are against it?

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