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Ramadan 2020 Advertisements Being Emotionally Considerate

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Since Ramadan this year intertwines with the Coronavirus outbreak, companies have taken this as a good opportunity to advertise some creative campaigns, targeting the Egyptian public in a way that reflects the current situation and promotes social distancing matters. The chosen ideas are very thoughtful of people’s emotions and aim to motivate everyone to carry on and get through those difficult times. 


Undoubtedly, it is a critical time and many of us, if not all are somewhat feeling emotional about it. The virus pandemic has lead to so many impacts, whether it’s the distress associated with hearing about the increasing number of victims daily, the growing fear or the responsibility to protect oneself and others. 


Alongside the obligatory distancing measure we must take and being away from our beloved family and friends, including the loss of meaningful communication and the need to accept all changes. Above all, the idea of spending Ramadan in a different way than the usual is quite disappointing. 


Thus, this year’s Ramadan adverts have successfully demonstrated  sympathy in regards to people’s current feelings. Moreover, establishing a stronger connection to prove to viewers that it’s still possible to communicate with their loved ones during a time that demands unity and belongingness. 


Vodafone - Mo Salah challenge

Being one of the leading brands, Vodafone promotes virtual communication and shows emotional awareness through a meaningful song by Sherine. The highlight of the advertisement is Mohamed Salah who is seen playing happily with his daughter Makka. In collaboration with other stars like Mona Zaki, Ahmed Fahmi, Amina Khalil and Mohamed Henedy as well as others virtually connecting, doing some fun challenges and spending quality time at home. 

Etisalat - Ahmed Helmy ‘3ady’

Ahmed Helmy is featured in Etisalat’s advertisement, communicating that it’s fine to stay home and showing others that it can be made enjoyable. We see that social media plays a big part in almost all the activities that he performs at home, which in turn reflects that we are using it more than ever. Ahmed Helmy being the comedian he is, plays around with filters, talks to friends on Zoom and cooks online recipes as he sings that he is finding it ‘3ady.’ 

Orange - Hussien Al-Jasmi ‘This Is Life’ 

With one of the most powerful voices we are evoked with a sense of longing for gatherings,  Hussien Al-Jasmi accurately expresses the way that people feel being away from one another. Although it is a highly emotional advert, Orange comforts it’s audience by stating that eventually we will be back together but until then it will help to connect us.  

19011 Pharmacies - Nostalgia back to the 90’s 

A very effective advertisement that provides assurance that together we can get through this crisis, the message is communicated through some of our favourite stars from the 90’s including Mostafa Amar, Hesham Abbas, Ehab Tawfik and Hamid Al-Shaery. Such creative work aims to provoke Nostalgia, triggers old memories and notes that hand in hand we can overcome any struggle. 

Bank Misr - Powerful & motivational

Once again, Bank Misr uses the right figures to reach people’s emotions, both Bahaa Sultan and Mahmoud El-Essiely collaborate in a song to remind individuals “You’re Exceptional” and that everyone has different capabilities. We see a strong appreciation for doctors, nurses, fathers and fire fighters who have exhibited huge efforts. People are particularly proud of the advertisement after seeing Bahaa Sultan appear on screen after a really long time.


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