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The Pressure That Coronavirus Enforces On Ramadan Drama Season

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

We all know that film/series makers are hard workers who spend hours and hours in front and behind cameras to provide us with the awesome entertainment. However, this year their job l gets even more challenging as coronavirus strikes and disturbs the making of Ramadan series 2020. Usually, this is the busiest time of the year where various series are being prepared for the blessed month of Ramadan. Egyptians wait for these dramas and gather up with friends and families to watch them before and after Iftar.  


It’s brings a lot of distress with tight timeframes and Ramadan just around the corner, but are television series more important than the safety of our incredible producers, directors, celebrities and all other participants? Supposedly, the answer is definitely not! 


Shooting requires a vast amount of time and interaction with much movement from one location to another. This puts the lives of all contributors at risk of catching coronavirus, given that it is easily spread in crowds. Yes, it has been confirmed that they’re taking all the safety measures, providing gloves and masks and sanitising studios. Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the leader of the acting profession stated in a recent interview with Amr Adib, that the union put together a precautionary statement which promotes safety wellbeing and that all artists must commit to it. But no matter what precautions they take, it’s still very risky having people gathered in one area with several equipment and a huge amount of distress that can easily lower their immunity.


With all the government restrictions and precautions set in place, producers, directors, cast and crew are still fighting to get those productions complete. We’ve been waiting for the exciting variety of action, drama and comedy shows performed by our favourite stars. But only a few are ready to be screened, some are still in the post-production phase, while most are in the process of being shot.  


In fact it’s not the end of the world if we just accept the finished series alone, there is no need to have numerous dramas on all channels. As audience we understand and we are in the same boat as a result of the pandemic virus. For those series that don’t make it, they can simply be postponed for the sake of protecting these people rather than causing a whole load of pressure and distress that can negatively impact them. Hopefully, our valuable celebrities and filmmakers remain in good health and condition as they risk their lives for audience satisfaction, we trust that the union will take good care of them and keep coronavirus out of the way.

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