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How To Spend Your Time At Home These Days

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

While earth takes a break and we’re being advised to stay home for the safety of ourselves and others during the covid-19 crisis, it is normal to be feeling stressed and overwhelmed because of all the breaking news and the need to be super cautious. However, Practicing social distancing is actually healthy, consider it a break from your usual routine or a time to work on being more independent. 


Understandably this may be very challenging for those used to social gatherings, going to work normally, going on shopping sprees and just being out there. But unfortunately, now is not the time to do all that for the sake of overcoming the spread of life-threatening coronavirus, even if you think you can survive it yourself. 


You can choose to use your time wisely and be productive during the social distancing period. There are many activities and ideas that can keep you busy and optimistic, below is a list of exciting things to do.  


Work from home - Chances are you’ve got work or assignments to complete, it’s important to stay focused just as if you’re in the office and get your job done effectively. 


Spend time with you family - Take advantage of being at home and sit down for a cup of tea together and watch a movie or discuss something together. Surely, you’ve all been too busy for a long time and now it’s a chance to renew your family bond and see what everyone’s up to. Connect with family members living abroad, you can chat through video call, express love and care as everyone needs it right now. 


Read a book - The best thing to do in your free time is to read, find something positive such as The Secret, take notes and learn a new concept that could help you get through stressful times and change your way of thinking to the better. 


Keep a journal or blog - Create something you can go back to, write down your thoughts and feelings and turn social distancing into a lifetime experience. You can share this experience with others through blogging, it might be beneficial to them. 


Reorganise your wardrobe - Revisit your belongings, try on old outfits and see what’s still usable and what’s out-dated. Sort your clothes by colour or style so that once you start going out again, everything is neatly placed and ready to go. 


Try some hair masks and skin care routines - There are plenty of easy recipes online, you can find masks that work differently to improve your hair condition and masks suitable for your skin whether it’s dry, oily or combination. Getting into hair and skin care routines can make a huge difference and this will help boost your self-confidence and improve your mood if you’re feeling bored at home. 


Create a new playlist - You’ve probably been stuck to the same old playlist for a while, maybe it’s time to checkout new songs and perhaps consider new music that might be the perfect way to keep you serene. Discover new artists or even ask a friend for recommendations. 


Do some cooking - Since it’s time to cut down junk food and start boosting your immunity with clean greens, you might like to improve your cooking abilities or if you’re already a great chef, experiment with more fancy dishes. Ask a relative or friend for recipes or find what you’re craving on Google, try something new each day and get your parents and siblings to test it out.  


Discover your creative talent - If you enjoy music then look for a musical instrument and start playing around, you could possibly record your own music. If you appreciate art, then grab some brushes and start painting, it doesn’t matter where you start, you’ll manage to come up with something. These activities will really help keep you mentally and emotionally stable, regardless of what’s going on. Remember, we all have an artist hidden inside of us waiting to be found.  


Learn a new language or start and online course - Take advantage of this break you’re getting at home and gain more knowledge and skills. You’ll find many applications for self-learning and several online courses that could keep you busy and benefit you later on. 


Help the elderly and the poor - If you’re young and healthy there are others that are more prone to catching the virus, it could be your grandparents, neighbours or the old man that sleeps in the streets. Ask them if they need anything such as medication or groceries, it would be an act of kindness to go and buy it for them. 


Start Yoga and Meditation - Try out some step-by-step Youtube tutorials, download some meditation apps like Headspace, Zen and Calm. You might want to do virtual yoga with a friend, encourage each other and have some fun. Practicing Yoga and Meditation promotes relaxation and could become a lifestyle habit for better fitness, health and wellbeing. 


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