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Hollywood Movies That Actually Predicted the Existence of Coronavirus

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

It’s unexpected that films made only for the purpose of entertainment could turn into reality years later. Today, when we look back at five specific movies, and we notice that we’re actually living the story that was once acted on screen. If only we knew that it this was a sign of Covid-19, perhaps we would’ve prepared for it earlier before it hit China and the rest of the world but it was beyond our imagination that it could become part of our living experience. 



1. Outbreak (1995)

The movie Outbreak speaks about a deadly virus that was born in Africa and the quest of an army virologist, finding a cure to save the town from being completely destructed by the infection. The government puts some ground rules with strict quarantine in place much in the same way that Wuhan responded once they got out of control.  The characters in the film are also dressed up in a way that resembles the doctors working with Covid-19 patients across hospitals worldwide today. 


2. Pandemic (2016)

A chaotic science fiction set in the near future,  it involves a doctor who returns to Los Angeles and finds a wide-spread infection taking over humans. She begins her journey to save those who are not yet infected by the virus and keeping those who have become dangerous to the rest of the town locked away. The movie reflects the present response we are taking to save the spread of coronavirus, and the whole idea of social-distancing.


3. Contagion (2011)

This epic film looks at how an uncontrollable virus started by spreading from bats all the way to human beings, which is exactly what we believe today about how the coronavirus was formed. The situation in Contagion was much more deadly with millions of lives lost, however the same level of distress and fear that we’re experiencing with Covid-19. Today, there a huge demand on masks, gloves and sanitisers needed for protection against coronavirus, which was also reflected in the film with numerous people lined up at pharmacies and crowded hospitals where victims of the virus were taken. 


4. World War Z (2013)

WWZ explores zombification with Brad Pitt playing the character of an investigator in the United Nations who traces an infection that stems from animals and eventually turns humans into zombies. We witness a more scientific approach in the movie, as the infection gets tested on uninfected patients in order to closely monitor the changes that occur and try to invent a vaccination to get rid of the new virus. Much in the same way that we are finding out more about Covid-19 through the experience of those who test positive and health experts are still searching for an ultimate cure.


5. Monsters Inc. (2002)

If you haven’t watched this movie when you were younger, then you definitely missed a big part of your childhood. The Pixar movie is famous for “we’ve got a 23-19” saying that rhymes with Covid-19. We hear it shouted out in a scene where one of the floor scarers is caught with a sock on his shoulder and there is a red alert immediately calling for action. Characters, Sully and Mike avoid getting into trouble as we see Mike wearing some kitchen gloves afraid in another scene, while the CDA team are completely covered in uniform just like doctors are doing today in hospitals dealing with Covid-19 patients. 

Note: these films are not suitable for people with depression and anxiety and shouldn’t be viewed by young children. 


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