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Prince of Wales Funniest Moments

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

The Duke of Cambridge is the eldest son of her majesty Elizabeth and has been titled the prince since 1952. Although he has strict rules to follow as part of his royalty, there are some surprising moments throughout his lifetime in which those rules weren't fully applicable. Those moments remind us that being royal isn’t just about just about being serious all the time but instead having a laugh every now and then, it also relflects on prince Charles' inner energetic and cheerful character.


Trousers are for older men, whereas shorts are for little boys

It’s a set tradition that upper class young boys in England wear shorts up until the age of 8, never are they allowed to wear trousers prior to that. Although the prince of Wales had no choice as a child, he expressed disagreement as an adult by saying ‘how could you do that to us?’


Cuddling with the koalas (2012)

During one of many visits to Australia, the royal couple took some time to play with the fluffy animals. They seemed interested to find out about the wildlife and the prince even made some jokes about taking the smitten koalas home.


Petrified by a bald eagle (2015)

We see a hilarious reaction by the prince when he get up, close and personal with Zephyr the eagle. The powerful bird suddenly flaps her wings at him and he stands there surprised for a couple of moment.


Looking thrilled on a motorbike  (2016)

In honor of the 500th anniversary of the Royal mail service, the prince looked very excited to be participating in the event and had some moments of laughter alongside his wife Camilla.


Can’t get enough of his grandchildren

His royal highness previously commented that spending time with his grandchildren “wears him out” but obviously, he can’t resist their royal cuteness. He shares a particularly special relationship with his first grandson George but loves all four of them.


Celebrating his 71st in India

He was invited to attend a school event and spend some time with students whose education is funded by his charity. Prince of Wales appeared to be quite shy as the children sung ‘happy birthday’ just before they enjoyed some chocolate cake. 

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