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Discover A Range of Exciting Dramas - Ramadan 2020

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

As Ramadan comes around each year, it brings along a number of productions to keep us busy during our fasting hours and as we gather with family and friends. Being one of the most exciting months of the year, Ramadan has a special spirit that we keep on missing from time to time. The holy month in 2020 seems to be on the rise, with many Egyptian super stars appearing in dramas and comedies that will definitely keep our eyes open and our minds thinking.


Take a look at the list below to find out what’s new this Ramadan...



Valentino by Adel Emam

Written by Ayman Bahgat Amar and Directed by Ramy Imam, Valentino is a drama that features the legendary Adel Emam, he plays the owner of an international school and comes across some challenges with his wife.  These challenges will be the focus of the series, and as always the expectation is that it will be very thought-provoking given the presence of Adel Emam as Valentino. A number of cast members are involved, including Dalia El Behery, Hamdy Al Mirghani  Rania Mahmoud Yassin and Dalal Abdelaziz.


El Prince by Mohamed Ramadan

As always, Mohamed Ramadan plays a heroic character who takes responsibility of his entire family after his father deceases. We can guess that he comes from an upper class family or he will eventually take on an important role, given the title ‘El Prince.’  Ramadan collaborates with director Mohamed Sami, the drama stars Nour, Hamdy Hikal, Mohamed Gomaa, Rehab Gamal and others.


El Ekhtyar by Amir Karara

Continuing on after Kalabsh, Karara maintains the theme of law enforcement but this time as an army officer, much suspense and action is involved. The drama is directed by the talented, Peter Mimy. Part of the series takes place in Sinai and the rest is yet to be revealed. A number of stars contribute including, Dina Foaad, Ahmed Alawady, Asser Yassin and more.


Why Would We Fall in Love Again? By Yasmin Abdelaziz

Our all-time favourite comedian, Yasmin Abdelaziz returns with a series that explores a number of issues and challenges that married couple encounter, including family involvement represented in a cheerful manner.


Hagma Mortada by Ahmed Ezz

The charming actor joins Hend Sabry to present Egyptian Intelligence based on a true story, full of action. The story is written by Baher Dewidar and directed by Ahmed Alaa Aldeeb, the co-stars are Salah Abdallah, Magda Zaki, Hesham Selim and Nada El Shafey.


Forsa Tanya (Second Chance) by Yasmine Sabri

The stunning Alexandrian star introduces herself as Malak, who encounters the failure of many relationships due to being obsessed with her job as an engineer. We can’t wait to find out how her life turns around and whether it ends well or gets tragic.


Seif Allah by Amr Youssef

A performance based on the book of El Akkad about Khaled Ibn El Waleed, it looks back at history accompanied by war and religious involvement. The story is written by Islam Hafez, directed by Raouf Abdelaziz and produced by Synergy.


That’s not all there is, the list goes on but here are the top favourites….


Not much has been revealed about the upcoming series but at least we have a hint as to what they will be discussing. Surely, there will be many surprises and plot twists waiting to be discovered. Hopefully, these dramas have a lesson to teach and something that everyone can benefit from in light of the blessing month of Ramadan.


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