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6 Highly Recommended Netflix Series

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

Netflix is the most popular entertainment platform today with numerous TV shows, movies and series being released regularly to keep audience attention towards the screen with a broad range of themes and genres to be explored.Keep reading to find out the top recommendations when it comes to TV series on Netflix, and perhaps consider watching one or even all, you won’t regret it!


1. La Casa de Papel (Money Hiest)

A very popular Spanish drama that involves lots of crime and mystery that drives the audience to keep watching. With three seasons so far, statistics show that this particular series is the most viewed on Netflix, not to mention the many options when it comes to selecting the language which makes it more understandable for everyone. Are we ready for season 4?


 After seeing the trailer, La Casa de Papel fans cannot wait for all the wonders that are yet to be discovered. It’s expected that the new season will hit screens sometime during April 2020, we can tell that there will be plenty of action as the teaser follows on from season 3. The surprising news is that Netflix will be releasing a special documentary about the show and it’s international impact with the new season, this documentary will highlight specific details, enabling new fans to gain a closer insight.


2. Elite

Another Spanish thriller that brings many obstacles, crime and tragedy to the spotlight, keeping us super excited and guessing what may happen next. The first season received a considerable amount of interest and positive reviews. Followed by the second season which dealt with the aftermath of Marina’s death which was the biggest part of all, and also introduced us to new characters that will be continued in season 3.


Fans expect season 3 to be more festive and have a plot twist after viewing the trailer, however it wouldn’t be surprising if the murder continues given the unexpected nature of the series itself. Predictably, season 3 will be released before Summer 2020, fans wait with excessive excitement.


3. You

This show is a psychological thriller that demonstrates how love and obsession can lead a person to become too controlling and selfish, often this has lots to do with past experience and influence as a child. Both seasons include very surprising episodes that revolve around revenge and murder, ending in a very unusual plot twist. There will hopefully be a third season to premiere in 2021, we can’t wait to find out what will happen next to Joe after all the incidents he took part in.


4. Stranger Things

An American Science-fiction that involves finding a resolution to bring back a missing gang member over three connected seasons, the mother and his friends go through several trials and failures until they find out the secret. They discover that there are hidden superpowers that took away the young boy and they need these powers to bring him back.


The boy returns from a completely different world and we realize the significant changes that have happened to him during his horrific adventure, that in which we also share along. It hasn’t been confirmed that there will be another season but we definitely can’t wait to discover what will happen to Eleven, the girl that everyone admires, next.


5. Peaky Blinders

This is one of the top favourites, the crime drama involves a lot of madness and takes us back to 1918 after WW1. Season 5 was full of darkness and despair, we can imagine that season 6 will only get darker and darker with the title already revealed as ‘Black Day.’ The talented director Anthony Byrne didn’t announce the exact date but he stated that it will be out by the end of 2020 or early 2021.


6. Cable Girls

Looking back at the 1920s, women struggled with gender equality and were underestimated. Thus, this show takes a closer insight into the lives of the characters and how they get through daily challenges and neglect. Season 5, part 1 continues the story and part 2 is yet to come out.


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