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Friends Surprise Millions of Fans Announcing a Reunion in Special Officially

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

Our all-time favourites will be back with an exclusive episode at HBO Max. So many of us have been hoping that Friends can happen all over again, and guess what? It’s happening indeed. Since 1994, almost everyone who watched this iconic series admired it, no matter how many times we re-watch it or talk about it, we never get bored and it never gets old.

The series’ stars Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc reunite once again on the official comedy soundstage. Directed by Ben Winston and produced by the well-known Fulwell 73 and Warner Bros, the aim is to remind pre-existing fans and upcoming generations of what real friendship and laughter is all about and the impact that Friends has left behind for many years.


With no doubt, the cast are missed as a whole and it’s very exciting for them to return with such surprise after such a long time. We can’t disagree on how much we miss Rachel’s sweet fashion taste and Monica’s super cooking skills, oh and her unbelievable OCD. Also, Phoebe’s barrettes and awesome music, Ross and his multiple divorces and famous saying “we were on a break.” Let’s not forget about Joey’s very own flirting techniques “how you doin?” and of course the pizza obsession. Last but not least, Chandler’s hilarious jokes and mere dance moves.



Not much has been revealed about the actual episode which leaves up very, very curious and extremely thrilled. However, guesses have been made about each of the stars receiving an estimated $3 million-$4 million upon their contribution, and definitely more and more gratitude from the countless fans.


Certainly, Friends’ popularity never died out, we can see the love that fans have for each and every member of the series when Aniston’s posted a group selfie, which had the co-stars gain over 1 million more followers, likes and comments. Expectations and discussions are all over social media as the new episode has been confirmed, the news has become one of the top trends at the moment which is not surprising at all , the excitement reaches the air as fans await…



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