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Top Five Inspirational Mummies in Egypt

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

Being a wife, mother, traveler, influencer, gymaholic and above all a fashion fanatic is not the easiest job. But having dedication and a strong desire to succeed in what you love the most is what makes it all come true. Each and every woman has her own taste for fashion and some of us are actual shopping freaks, but the most important part is to choose what suits you best and remain aware of the latest trends. A fashionable mummy will usually encourage her children to follow the same steps and dress up in the most stylish ways. Fashion bloggers have become increasingly popular nowadays, but it takes a convincing one to become a role model for other women. Find out more about the rising Egyptian fashionistas in this article.


1. Satisfashionbysn (Noha El Sherbiny)

A pioneering fashion blogger who started with basic tips and tricks about being stylish and staying up to date with the latest trends. She has a strong belief that becoming a mother doesn’t make you less beautiful and it shouldn’t mean neglecting your body. Her style and persistence led her to become a fashion icon, with brands reaching out to her as a realistic and influential figure that can help sell their message and reach their target demographic. One of the most fascinating things about Satisfashionbysn is that she shares her travel experiences with her followers, such as her most recent trip to Europe with her children. Thus, this demonstrates that mothers can still enjoy life and remain pretty looking with their younger ones following along.


2. Nada Hussam El Dien

Starting out very simple but with a strong passion for fashion, Nada decided to quit her life insurance job and follow her dream to become a certified stylist with Dubai Fashion Institute.  She has made her way up and became one of the most valuable fashion experts, working with filmmakers Basel Alzaro and Nicolas mouawad. Nada is a wonderful mother of two and also the founder of @bastet_eg which sells fashionable clothes that keep you looking confident and outstanding. More recently, Nada has been spending much of her time working out to maintain the perfect shape and change the misconception that giving birth ruins your body’s appearance.


3. Ingy El Engbawy

Just like any girl, Ingy had her own insecurities and never liked photography, thinking that her body isn’t good enough to showcase. However, this began to change once the Alexandrian beauty started to interact more on social media. She was originally a banker who eventually turned to blogging and a commercial modelling, she started by being featured in photo shoots and advertisements based on fashion. During her pregnancy, Ingy focused on helping new mummies fall in love with their baby bumps rather than minimizing themselves to certain clothes items by showing them the splendor behind it. After a while, she also began to introduce her little girl to social media, sharing outfits and styles that fit this particular age group. And now we can’t get enough of the debate between Ingy and Pola Salem, the talented photographer that continuously brings up how much Ingy eats without gaining weight. While, in response she comments about his amazing hair, keeping the debate alive.


4. Lina Maklad

A fashion entrepreneur and a mother of two boys who mainly inspires all women to stay updated with the latest clothing styles and trends. Lina is known as the founder of Boho Gallery and gained popularity through modelling for her own brand, becoming a role model for all fashion addicts. The talented designer offers a collection of locally designed items in all Boho Gallery stores, such as Zamalek, Merghani and Sheraton. The items are bold and unique, ranging from casual to evening wear as well as dazzling accessories, suitable for various outings. What makes Lina one of a kind is her fun spirit and the videos that reflect on her balanced life, along with her huge success in the industry.


5. Dr. Nourhan Kandil

Not only a successful health coach but also a social media influencer, blogger, wife and mummy of 3 gorgeous girls. Managing her time might not seem so easy but her commitment and time-management makes it all happen. Dr. Nourhan strives to inspire others by promoting a healthy lifestyle and sharing her own experience and knowledge on her social media accounts as well as through interviews on TV and radio. She also attends events and conferences to further educate the public about proper nutrition and better living. Her love for her daughters can be seen all the time in the posts that reflect the valuable moments they spend together and through her messages to the wider community about motherhood.


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