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Ahmed El-Sakka and Mona Zaki Reunite Once Again

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

The name itself triggers thoughts of bravery and courage, the mega star El-Sakka has always been admired for his breathtaking acts which reflect his true nature. When this is combined with the undoubtedly beautiful Egyptian actress Mona Zaki, then we can assure that there will be an astonishing performance. Both stars have been involved in numerous Egyptian movies such as Mafia, Africano, An El Ashk We El Hawa, Taimour w Shafika and many more of our all time favourites.

Thus, they have always brought excitement to their audience and achieved huge success as a duo. The last piece of work they shared together was Men 30 Sana, which was released three years ago. The film was based on drama/mystery which has been consistently carried out in almost all their performances. Recently, the Egyptian superstar revealed some surprising news that there will be an upcoming film ‘El-Ankaboot’ (Spider) in which Mona Zaki will be co-starring. The film director is Ahmed Nader Galal and the cast includes the talented Dhafer L'Abidine, Sherine Reda, Mohamed Lotfy, and Ahmed Fouad Selim and others.

Afterall, El-Sakka returns to the spotlight since his latest film Horoob Eterary (2017) and even better with the super talented Mona Zaki. The chemistry between the two of them brings out epic scenes that can be viewed over and over again and people usually have the same reaction to every time. Truth is, they make a great couple on screen and they are really close friends in reality. Recently, El-Sakka shared photos from the making of the new film on his social media accounts and it already looks incredible!

The cast and crew have been shooting since August 2019, during Eid al-Adha holidays and it is predicted that the film with be released sometime during 2020. It appears to be that the talented actress expresses lots of fear and shock, especially in one of the photos that were posted which highlights that there will be some surprising moments throughout the film. Unlike the usual heroic character that El-Sakka plays, we can predict that he will be the villain this time. Particularly, because of his firm expressions and the spider web tattoo evident in the shots taken so far. Expectedly, it’s an action movie but it will bring a whole heap of thrill and suspense in addition. The wait will be very hard but we can trust that this reunion will be worth it!

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