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5 Easy Ways To Restore Your Damaged Hair

B&W - Oct 2019

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than the thought of trimming your hair off because it has become dry, lifeless, and weak. Some suffer from dry, damaged hair in the winter, and sometimes it doesn’t matter what season it is..  
Is it dry, dull, or frizzy? Do you see split ends or breakage?
It’s just too clear how you ended up with damaged hair; Thankfully, these remedies can help you achieve healthier hair ASAP:

1.    Change your products: it’s a sign if your hair is damaged and you are using your current shampoo and conditioner. 
Expert advice: “When a product stops working, it means that your hair has changed… once you have more moisture in your hair, a super hydrating product could be too heavy and you need to switch to something lighter.”

2.    Wash wisely: After choosing the right product, wash your hair once a week, to regain natural oils. When you wash your hair too much, the shampoo starts to strip away the natural oils.
Expert advice: “Washing and rinsing your hair twice a week can dehydrate it,”

3.    Be careful with oils: If you are using an oil treatment for dry or damaged hair, don’t overdo it.
Expert advice: “You naturally have oils in your hair and lipids have a type of oil ingredient."

4.    Don’t comb your hair: Yes, you read that right…Brush less. Brush your hair before washing it and when absolutely necessary throughout the day. Be gentle when you do brush.
Expert advice: “Brushing your hair too much will cause more friction than it can take. The brush will snag at knots and cause breakage and split ends.”

5.    A Balanced Diet: yes, you need to follow a balanced diet to have a healthy hair. Food affects your hair.
Expert advice: “If you are into crash diets or bulimic or anorexic, you could have dry/brittle hair or suffer from hair loss. “

Now that you know how to repair damaged hair, what are you waiting for?

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