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Eyeliner Tips That Every Girl Should Live By!

B&W - Jul 2019

Eyeliner Tips that every girl should live by!

Eyeliners are the staple of every makeup routine. They do magic to a girl's face, if put on correctly. But what is the correct way to put on eyeliner? Does the 'Correct' way even exist? Luckily, we''ll be tackling that question in this article. We bring you a complete set of tips for eyeliner usage and application.

First of all, you need to know the difference between pencil, gel & liquid eyeliner.

When you're trying to nail the perfect flick, don't just grab any old pencil. There are three main types of eyeliner:

Pencil: Matte and easy to apply, this is a great eyeliner for novices. Does not spread as smoothly as gel or liquid, mistakes can be easily blended for a Smokey eye effect.

Gel:  Gels mostly come in matte effect and they apply very smoothly. Can be used for both thin and thicker lines.

Liquid: Great for creating precision lines. Most have a pen or nib to apply, like a felt tip. Done right, they can create a very thin line but can be used for a thicker effect, too.


Don't pull your skin

There are some vital eyeliner mistakes everyone should avoid, and this is certainly one of them!

When you're applying your eyeliner, particularly liquid, avoid pulling the skin around the eye as it's more likely to smudge. If your line isn't perfect, grab a cotton wool swab soaked in makeup remover, or a petroleum jelly, and tidy up any mistakes.

It's far less stressful to correct a mistake rather than striving for perfection the first time.



Enhance your eye shape

You may love a Smokey eye, but does it really suit you?

Just as different clothes suit different people, some makeup looks work better with different eye shapes and colors than others.


Try both soft & sharp lines

There are so many different ways to use eyeliner - experiment with soft and sharp lines to see what suits you best.

Liquid and gel eyeliner works best for sharp lines while Kohl can be blended with a smudge brush for a softer look.

Or try the upside down cat eye, If you fancy something more unusual, try a statement-worthy, upside down cat eye.

It's a real show-stopper!


Try the eye-opening ombre eyeliner effect

Eyeliner  your natural beauty - make your eyes look magical with this stunning ombre effect. It's a lot easier to achieve than it looks, simply start by lining the first three-quarters of your upper lash line with a light eyeliner - white and gold both work beautifully. Then, grab a darker eyeliner in the same shade, and line from the outside corner of your eye and in the middle.

Finish by using an eyeshadow brush to blend the colors in the middle of the eye so that they overlap.

If you feel liquid eyeliner looks a little too sharp on your eyes and you'd like to soften the contrast between your upper and lower eyelids, try tight-lining. This is the technique for drawing eyeliner beneath your upper lash line so there is no visible space between your eyelid and eyeliner line. It gives a really professional look, and your eyes will look magnified and bigger than ever as a result.

For a subtler look that takes just seconds to do, try using the tight-lining technique alone.


Make your eyes look bigger with WHITE eyeliner

Have you ever tried white eyeliner? It's great for anyone with smaller eyes.

Sometimes, black eyeliner can actually make eyes look smaller, whereas, white will do the opposite. Line your lower lash line with a white pencil to make them pop.


Experiment with eyeliner

Makeup should be all about having fun.

Eyeliner doesn't always have to be dark, there are loads of other ways to line your eyelids to create stunning effects. Experiment with colors, designs, glitter, double lines and more.


Get super close to the lash line

This is one of the biggest eyeliner challenges. If you don’t get close enough to the lash line, you lose the intensity you were trying to create with eyeliner. Professional makeup artist Colleen Runne says, “Always make sure to get close to the lash line leaving no gaps. Just lift up the eyelid to get super close.” Runne also recommends using a wider, flat brush to get the eyeliner right where you want it. 


Make it glide on smoothly

To get a soft, clean liner look, first apply a thin layer of eye shadow. This will help the eyeliner glide on, allowing you create a soft line. It also makes the eyeliner last longer without giving you a harsh look.


Don’t Apply in a Line

Creating the perfect line in one sweep is hard. A lot of women think they have to make one, single line with the eyeliner, rather, you can do a series of small strokes across the lash line. A connect-the-dots kind of thing. You’ll make fewer mistakes and end up with a more even application.  


Change it, without starting over

You can switch things up and take your look from day to night with one simple addition. To change an eyeliner look without redoing your makeup, apply a bold or brighter shadow on top of your brown or black liner, mixing it together to create an edgy more dramatic look.

When it comes to eyeliner, do you prefer a smudged and smoky or clean and simple kind of look? 

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