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Discover MAC Cosmetics - A Virtual Makeup Trial

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

The leading beauty brand, MAC is now offering a new look trial where customers can explore the latest colour range and make the right selection before making a purchase. Being one of the most successful cosmetic lines, it has taken social-distancing to a whole new level by introducing a virtual try-on feature that makes perfect sense with shopping online nowadays. 

This exclusive feature is now available on the official MAC website where users can actively sample a variety of products. The whole process starts with enabling the live camera option or uploading a photo where the product gets applied. Thus, such option allows the buyer to use swatches and decide on the right shades and tones. Generally, this would be done in store using testers but given that we are in quarantine, everything is slowly shifting online. 

Of course, many of us prefer to see and test out such items ourselves. Particularly when going for such expensive brand with many different things to choose from. However, this new feature is actually very convenient in that it’s safe, fast and you don’t need to have all those lipstick marks on your hands. Moreover, users can also seek further assistance and inquires via a MAC artist ready to live chat.

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