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Explore The Best Nail Colour Trends For This Summer

Rana Ragab - May 2020

It’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest beauty trends in order to break away from life distresses, as well as to enhance overall feel and appearance. Being aware of new tips, tricks and trends can get you to try out something that might cheer you up a little. 


Thus, nail care is an essential part of beauty and once you get into the habit of keeping them clean, neat and stylish, you’ll never get over it. Some girls are so obsessed with their nails to the point where everyday needs a new nail colour or design. 


So why not discover what this summer introduces and create your very own spa services, go for a manicure or pedicure right at home. Although this Summer demands that we remain in lockdown for safety purposes, it also gives us a chance to pamper ourselves and ease the pressure coming from the outside world. 

For the time being and until we are able to access a nail salon again, learn to care for your own nails and play around with some Summer trends. Because doing this will really help keep your nails pretty and healthy, add some colour for a better mood and reduce the boredom. 



Metallic shades


Pastel colours 


Shimmery hues  


Plain white


Vibrant red


Shiny sparkles


Rose gold 

Sea turquoise 


Minty green


Warm Orange 


Yellow mustard

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